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Man finds hidden ‘horror house’ in his attic

Published Jul 14th, 2020 1:56PM EDT

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  • A man on Reddit reveals that he found an entire house hiding in his very own attic.
  • The building used to be a business and the owners may have lived upstairs before it was converted for other use.
  • The current owner says he might turn the home into a ‘man cave’ but in the meantime, it couldn’t be any creepier.

Moving into an older home is always an adventure. You’ll find things you never knew existed, and even after years of living in a place, you can still stumble across things that have been hiding in plain sight for decades or even longer. Normally it’s mundane items that previous residents left behind, but sometimes it’s something a bit more intense.

A Reddit user named CatchingWindows recently posted his own experience discovering hidden treasures within his own home, but it wasn’t a secret closet under the stairs or a duffle bag of cash under the floorboards. No, the Redditor actually found an entire house inside his house, and he has the photos to prove it.

CatchingWindows says he made the discovery after crawling into his attic and spotting what looked like the front of a small home. As it turns out, that’s exactly what the bizarre structure appears to be. Photos reveal the exterior of the mini-home, complete with a front door, several interior rooms, and even a bathroom with a sink and toilet still standing amidst peeling wallpaper and insulation.

The larger building where this tiny home was found was once a business, its new owner explains. It appears that, while the business was open, the owners lived in the small home upstairs, but once it was converted for other uses the attic was cut off from the rest of the home and left to decay.

“It was a store where the owners lived upstairs,” the man explains. “I believe someone told me it was Carl’s market. But it was turned into a church, I’m guessing the church owners didn’t want to bother with knocking it down so they just built around it.”

Now that it’s a private residence, the house in the attic wouldn’t get much use anyway, but it’s unclear what CatchingWindows is going to do with his newfound abode. He mentions — perhaps in jest — that he could convert the tiny home into a “man cave” of sorts, but by the looks of it that would take a monumental remodeling effort.

In any case, the full album of images is definitely worth a look. It’s both incredibly cool and quite creepy all at the same time, but it’s a neat little reminder that if you live in an older building, there may be things hiding where you least expect them. You probably won’t find an entire house, but it might be worth poking around a bit.