If this isn’t the best way to score a job interview, we don’t know what is. Piergiorgio Zambrini, an Italian systems engineer and creator of the widely popular Ziphone application, recently applied for a job as an iPhone security engineer at Apple. Who needs a good interview when you can prove your worth by discovering what is likely one of the most wide-spread security holes in Apple’s product line? Zambrini has discovered what he claims to be a security flaw capable of crashing not only the iPhone, but other Apple devices such as iPods and even computers as well. While he is obviously not releasing sensitive details with regards to the bug, Zambrini claims that the bug involves the audio portion of Apple’s video format and could potentially crash an Apple device whenever a file utilizing the exploit is played. For the time being, Zambrini hasn’t lead anyone to believe that anything overly malicious can be accomplished by exploiting this hole, but an exploit would “immediately send the device into a panic that leads to a lengthy reboot.” Definitely something Apple would rather avoid. Zambrini first contacted Apple about this security issue back in July but he has yet to hear back from them regarding this matter or the position he applied for.


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