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Microsoft prepares for Windows 8 launch with first official TV commercial [video]

On October 26th, Microsoft (MSFT) will launch its most radical PC operating system in the last 25 years: Windows 8. Backed by a $1.5 billion and $1.8 billion marketing blitz, the company is leaving no room for failure. Windows 8 isn’t just a tweaked version of Windows 7; it’s a complete re-thinking of what Windows should be with a live tiles user interface inspired by Windows Phone. Windows 8 represents Microsoft pressing the reset button in a world increasingly filled with mobile and touchscreen-based devices. And below we’ve posted Microsoft’s first TV commercial for its most important product of the year, a catchy and informative ad that shows off Windows 8’s bold redesign and touchscreen elements. It speaks directly to the consumer as opposed to the enterprise or business audience which is exactly the crowd Microsoft wants to capture with Windows 8.


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