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Comcast’s latest epic blunder: Calling a 63-year-old woman ‘super b*tch’ on her bill

Published Feb 5th, 2015 2:00PM EST
Why Is Comcast So Bad

The Comcast customer who got called an “a**hole” on her monthly bill can rejoice — she’s got company. Chicago’s WGN TV reports that 63-year-old Mary Bauer of Addison, Illinois was recently shocked when she found that her latest Comcast bill was addressed to someone named “Super B*tch Bauer.”

FLASHBACK: Comcast is sorry it called customer an ‘a**hole’ on their bill

“It says Super B—- Bauer,” she told WGN. “This is a disgrace to me. Why are they doing this to me? I pay my bills. I do not deserve this.”

Bauer apparently achieved her “super b*tch” status because she got frustrated at Comcast because it took an insane five months of complaints to get her cable TV functioning properly. Essentially, Bauer found that her cable service kept shutting off at random times and it took visits from a whopping 39 different technicians before the problem finally got fixed.

Despite admitting that this made her “hot and angry,” she tells WGN that she never called anyone in the company names or used profane language against them.

In addition to its multitude of other customer service problems, Comcast has come under fire recently for changing customers’ names on their bills to personal insults. In addition to the aforementioned “a**hole” and “super b*tch” incidents, Consumerist also found cases where Comcast referred to customers as “dummy” and “whore” on their bills.

Comcast, as always, says that this isn’t a reflection of the kind of customer service it wants to provide but the company seems to now have a widespread problem with employees who are unable to resist insulting customers on their bills.

Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.