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Long-suffering Comcast customer gets his problem fixed only after his story goes viral on Reddit

August 18th, 2014 at 12:10 PM
Why Is Comcast So Bad

Comcast has racked up an impressive tally of customer service horror stories that have gone viral on social media over just the last month. The latest such story involves a customer who tried in vain for 6 months to get assorted problems fixed and only really got Comcast’s attention once his story hit the front page of Reddit.

“During the six month period from mid-January of 2014 through the end of July of 2014, I had to contact Comcast an astounding 25 times in regards to a multitude of issues, errors, and mistakes with my service, and charges related to my Comcast account,” writes Dann Furia, a customer who first told the world his story via Reddit last week. “I kept careful, written records of my experiences as far back as January of this year, and by early July I had experienced such a stupefying range of problems with Comcast, that I additionally began recording my interactions with them.”

After a whopping 25 customer service phone calls, he basically gave up trying to engage Comcast through traditional methods and instead tried unleashing a primordial howl of rage on Reddit. This apparently worked because after his story went viral, Comcast’s corporate offices called him a hilarious five times in just 18 hours desperately trying to help him with his issues.

“When I listened to the first voicemail from Comcast Corporate, I felt relieved that someone might actually finally help me,” he writes. “But by the time I made my way through five consecutive Comcast Corporate messages (4 of them from the same person), and realized that they had all been delivered in an 18 hour period directly after my “Comcast fees” post went Reddit-viral, I literally began to feel sick to my stomach by Comcast’s response. Now, I understand that when a Comcast customer story like mine starts to get national attention, Comcast probably tries to minimize whatever gripes might publicly emerge.”

Be sure to read Furia’s entire story but clicking the source link below.

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