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Verizon offering "Unlimited Any Mobile" plans in certain markets

Updated 4 years ago

Verizon is offering a very interesting new cellular plan “for eligible consumers in select Texas and Louisiana markets” coined “Unlimited Any Mobile plans.” The press release reads:

Eligible consumers may sign up for a single line Nationwide Unlimited Talk plan that allows the customer to call and send text, picture and video messages to anyone in the United States regardless of service provider for $59.99-$79.99 monthly access. Nationwide Family SharePlans will also have the new Unlimited Any Mobile plan options for $99.99-$129.99 monthly access.

Current customers are eligible to move to the new plan without penalty and without having to renew their contract. The five plans available look like this:

Single Line Plans:

  • 450 minutes for $59.99
  • 900 minutes for $79.99

Family SharePlans:

  • 700 minutes for $99.99
  • 1400 minutes for $119.99
  • 2000 minutes for $129.99

You qualify for one of the new plan if you have a phone number with the 210, 214, 254, 318, 325, 361, 430, 432, 439, 469, 512, 682, 806, 817, 830, 903, 915, 940, 956 or 972 area code. A Verizon spokesperson would only say that the offerings “are promotional plans specific to some customers.” Here’s to hoping that the unlimited mobile calling plans are wildly successful and propagate throughout the country. Would anyone else like to see these plans expanded beyond Texas and the Bayou?