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Verizon hub ultra-deskphone begins taking shape on VZW site

Updated 4 years ago

Preliminary info has been floating around the Verizon Hub deskphone but actual release details have been scant at best. It now looks like some images are finally popping up on Verizon’s website where accessories and other bits of info are displayed. The device looks to replace many items that would be found around your phone at home (if you actually still have one of those). Pictures, notes and snippets, weather, messages and many other features will be packed into this device. Essentially, this is your one-stop-shop for everything communications at home. There isn’t much more than can be said about this new phone, but from the looks of things it may be dropping pretty soon – in fact they may already be in stores waiting to be released. If the accessories page is any indication, it’s going to have internet access, a touch screen with stylus and it will require a two-year contract. Anyone excited about one of these?

Thanks, matrix2004!