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Third generation iPhone goes for a spin in Hong Kong?

Here’s the scenario: Two guys hit the streets of Hong Kong at 3AM in their sports car and snapped a bunch of pics of the yet-to-be-announced third generation iPhone. Sure it sounds crazy, but crazier things have certainly happened. The shots of the next generation iPhone purportedly show off the auto-focus feature of the camera, shown above (note the blue box), which can apparently be fine-tuned by touching the object of interest on the screen. Also shown is the compass application, the new battery meter with percentage, the option to copy items and the ability to send an MMS. There are no actual pictures of the phone and everything is a bit blurry which, according to the poster, was a requirement for him to be able to get his hands on this yet-to-be-released handset. Hmm. Is this a bit of trickery or are these blurrycam shots really real? You be the judge — sound off below with your critiques/comments and hit the jump for more shots.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

[Via The iPhone blog]