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T-Mobile could announce the end of cell phone contracts next week

T-Mobile Smartphone Subsidies

T-Mobile executives haven’t beat around the bush when expressing their distaste for smartphone subsidies. In December, the company’s CEO spoke to investors about alternatives paths the carrier could take to compete with Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T). According to an internal memo obtained by TmoNews, the company could announce its “uncarrier” plans as soon as March 4th. The initiative would remove two-year contracts, early termination fees and traditional phone subsidies, allowing customers to instead purchase new devices with a monthly installment plan. The memo also revealed that T-Mobile plans to market its HSPA+ and upcoming LTE network as “dual 4G” technology in the wake of its merger with MetroPCS. T-Mobile’s rebranding efforts will reportedly kick off on March 24th.