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T-Mobile info galore!

April 18th, 2008 at 1:31 PM


Looking for a little exclusive T-Mobile info to close out your week? We’ve got you covered! An anonymous tipster has dropped the following bits of knowledge on us, straight from an all-managers meeting held yesterday (the meeting agenda is pictured above). There’s a lot to go over here, so strap in:

  • Sony Ericsson handsets will be returning to T-Mobile by Q4 of this year. The first two SE handsets out of the gate will be the Bella, a 2 megapixel flip with aGPS and 3G support. The second SE handset will be the W670 W760, a 3.2 megapixel slider which is essentially a replacement for W580 and should also come complete with 3G and aGPS support. Expect to see both of these by October/November of this year, hitting stores with a complete complement of SE Bluetooth accessories, including the famed SE Bluetooth Watch!
  • Motorola will be coming to the table with bot the Z6w and the ROKR E8. The Z6w should sport Wi-Fi, making it a great candidate for T-Mo’s Hotspot@Home service, but sadly neither of these are expected to support 3G data transfer.  There will also be a relaunch of the W490 in a host of new colors, including Light Purple, Light Pink, and Orange.
  • Disappointingly, Samsung will only be releasing a couple of low end handsets for now, though they apparently have some “incredible” camera phone coming down the pipeline.
  • Expect “massive” software refreshes from HTC for their T-Mobile lineup…Windows Mobile 6.1 anyone?

As always, take this stuff with a grain of salt until proven correct, but we’re pretty excited about what T-Mobile has up its sleeves.


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