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Skype shoots back at eBay

October 10th, 2007 at 8:27 AM

It seems that Skype wasn’t too happy with eBay’s recent recent vote of no-confidence. The company’s co-founder has shot back at eBay, defending Skype’s value and market position. The statement comes on the heels of eBay’s recent admission that they were going to down-value Skype by $1.4 million. Niklas Zennstrom, the Skype’s co-founder and current nonexecutive chairman, has stepped up to the plate to defend his brain child, stating clearly that while the company may have been slightly over valued, its relevance and usefulness are still of great value to eBay. He goes on to point out that while eBay may be taking a bit of a hit, there’s no other consumer-level VoIP software that rivals Skype’s market penetration. He did concede, however, that Skype may have tried to monetize a bit too quickly, and could have benefited from waiting just a bit longer to throw their hat in the “for profit” ring.


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