Polk Audio, long known for their superior home entertainment system components and speaker systems, appears to be making an aggressive move into the iPod accessory market. The Polk I-Sonic iPod dock is one of the slickest iPod docks we’ve seen to date. The I-Sonic sports full video out capabilities, allowing you to stream movies and TV shows from your iPod directly to an external screen. The demonstration model was attached to a small screen which was producing incredibly high quality video from the docked iPod Nano. The dock also features an innovative radio capture and tagging system. So, let’s say you have an iPod docked to the I-Sonic, but are listening to the dock’s on board HD radio. You hear a song you like, hit the tag button, and the track is immediately copied to a new playlist on your iPod, ID3 tag and all. Pretty slick, right? The built-in speakers reproduce audio with Polk’s trademark clarity and precision. The only drawback? The price. At $599, you might want to think twice about dropping that much dough on an iPod dock, but if you have the money to spend, we don’t think you can find a better option. Hit the jump for more pics!

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