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Nokia N95 8GB US hands-on!

Updated 4 years ago

What happens when you cram 8 gigs of storage into a Nokia N95? Oh, and how about some American 3G support? Yeah, we thought you’d like that. Bigger screen? Sexy black case? Not bad at all. The US version of the Nokia N95 8GB has been rumored for quite a while, but this is the first we’ve seen of an actual working version. The screen is up to 2.8 inches from the peasent version’s 2.6 inches. The device of course sports 8 gigs of internal memory, though it does away with the smaller version’s microSD slot in the process. What you will get, however, is honest to God support for American 3G bands. Not freakin bad. We prefer the external finish of this one to the original’s as well, so if you can stomach the $749 price tag, we suggest you wait until later this quarter and buy one of your very own. Just remember since the 8GB is internal, the transfer speeds are much slower than you’ll get on an external microSD card. Hit the gallery!

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