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Nintendo Wii to offer streaming video and online food ordering service in 2009

Updated 4 years ago

Nintendo announced on Thursday that it will offer a streaming video service for its Wii gaming console. The new service will launch in Japan in 2009 and will feature original programming developed by Nintendo and partnering companies. Nintendo has hired the advertising firm Dentsu to promote this new service and recruit companies willing to develop the original programming content. Of the estimated 34.55 million Wii consoles sold worldwide, 40% are connected to the internet and present a potentially large pool of online viewers for aspiring video production companies. Though launching only in Japan, the new service is expected to expand to foreign markets.

If you crave some food while watching your favorite Wii-delivered flick, Nintendo has got you covered starting in Spring 2009. In another Japan-only service, Nintendo will be partnering with the online food ordering service to allow you to order a meal right through your Wii. A wide variety of cuisine selections will be available including pizza, sushi, Chinese food, Japanese food and Western food. Mood music to match your selection will play in the background during the ordering process. Can’t decide what to eat? Let your Wii decide! The service will have a roulette mode that will randomly make a selection for you. We wonder how this movie and food ordering service will integrate with Wii Fit, rather than asking if you have been snacking or watching TV too much, Wii Fit will now know what and when you have been eating and being a couch potato. Will a tongue lashing ensue after your latest Wii movie watching and food indulging marathon?

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