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Neo Geo Stick 2 Controller for Wii

Remember how jealous you were in elementary school of the rich kid up the block whose BMW-driving parents actually shelled out $650 so that he could rock a Neo Geo? Remember how you had to pick up an extra bike route just to scrape together enough dough for Super Mario Brothers 3 while this kid was sporting a new $200 Neo Geo game every other week? Even if you did kiss his girlfriend behind the bleachers during the “don’t get into the creepy guy’s van” assembly, he still had the better gig and you knew it. You used to wish every day that you were playing Neo Geo and eating pizza at his house instead of playing NES and eating Pathmark Pops at yours. Now you can relive that pain and anguish every time you set foot in your living room. Fan-friggin-tastic. Despite the flashbacks it drums up, the Neo Geo Stick 2 is very, very cool. It enhances Wii’s Virtual Console functionality by letting you play Neo Geo games the way they were meant to be played; with a big honking arcade stick controller. $60 for the controller plus another $45 – $55 for shipping to the US will get you in the door and an extra hour or two per week at the therapist’s office should help suppress the memories it drums up. Totally worth it.

[Via technabob]


Zach Epstein

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