Sorry S60 gamers, it looks like Nokia tried to pull a fast one on you. Back in May it was learned that despite initial claims made by Nokia reps, N-Gage purchases were tied to device IMEIs and transfers would not be allowed. Woh there, Nokia! After an eruption in the S60 blogosphere, Nokia responded by insisting that the issue would be addressed and purchase transfers would be allowed by way of a quick phone call to customer care. Yay, crisis averted – or not. As it turns out, what was omitted from the initial response was the fact that game purchases can only be transferred to a new handset once. Once? Seriously? This policy may be acceptable for the casual user who might switch handsets every couple of years but for many, new handsets are more of an inevitability than an event. In other words, Nokia’s best customers – the ones who go through two, three, even four S60 handsets each year – are hung out to dry when it comes to N-Gage purchases. Big problem. So, loyal S60aholics, unless you don’t mind the fact that each payment you make on the N-Gage platform is a rental fee rather than a purchase, you may want to hold off on shelling over that cash until Nokia addresses this issue again – if Nokia addresses the issue again, that is.

[Via Symbian Guru]


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