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Motorola DROID 4 and LG Spectrum to roam overseas later this year, according to Verizon

Two of Verizon’s newly announced 4G LTE smartphones have unannounced global roaming capabilities, however they will not be usuable at launch. The Motorola DROID 4 and LG Spectrum, which were both announced this week at the Consumer Electronics Show, both contain GSM and CDMA radios for data usage overseas. However, due to upcoming network enhancements, both devices will soon be able to take advantage of their global capabilities. “The LTE phones work globally in over 40 countries that currently use CDMA technology,” said Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney. “For the new LTE phones to provide global roaming voice and data in non-CDMA countries, we are working on a few network enhancements so we can provide customers with the best voice and data roaming experience. We anticipate this capability to be available this year, likely the first half of the year.”


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