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Motorola downsizes even further, shifts focus to Android development

We can’t say we’re terribly surprised, but news the Motorola is cutting more jobs from their already sinking ship is a bit disheartening. The company has announced that they will be shifting their focus from the 3 OS platforms that they currently support to a measly 3. The company is expected to focus entirely on Windows Mobile, P2K, and Android, with the majority of their resources directed at the latter. What this means is that anyone at the company who’s work deal primarily with one of the 3 86’d platforms could see themselves downsized out of a job in the very near future, with the Wall Street Journal predicting layoffs numbering in the thousands. Android is clearly going to play a very prominent role in the mobile device landscape over the next several years, and seeing a company like Motorola make such a significant shift in Google’s direction is clear evidence of that fact. In the mean time, our condolences go out to the rest of the Moto team.


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