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Motorola BACKFLIP up close and hands on

Updated 4 years ago
Published Jan 7th, 2010 7:02PM EST

The folks over at Motorola were nice enough to give us a deep dive into the new BACKFLIP which will be available Q1. You’re all aware that it features MOTOBLUR, Motorola’s UI over Android, so as far as the OS it’s not different from the CLIQ. The big difference is the form factor: it flips backward, hence its name, to close. As you can see above, it’s “Flippin’ Brilliant.” Man, that hurt.

When it’s closed, you have the deactivated keyboard with 5MP camera and LED flash on one side, and a blank slate on the other (screen safely tucked inside). When you flip it open, it’s like having a mini-computer in your hands — the back of the screen even has a trackpad that you can scroll and click on to navigate the screen. Why? So that shiny screen doesn’t get smudgy when it doesn’t have to. You can also flip it open and set it down to watch videos and use it to play a slideshow of all your images. The bonus is that it can go into dock mode or table-side mode, just like the DROID, except you don’t need to purchase a dock for it. Looks pretty good for a mid-range phone. We just don’t have an official release date yet and there haven’t been any carrier announcements from Motorola, but they do say this will be a global device. Click on through to our gallery to check out more pics!

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