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HP declines to join the Microsoft Surface hate parade

At least one Microsoft (MSFT) OEM partner seems to realize that there’s no point in bellyaching over Microsoft’s decision to build its own tablet. CRN reports that John Solomon, the senior vice president of sales for HP’s (HPQ) Americas division, doesn’t see the Surface as a threat to Windows OEMs and instead thinks that the Surface is simply a benchmark for other manufacturers to follow when making their own devices.

“I believe Microsoft was basically making a leadership statement and showing what’s possible in the tablet space,” Solomon told CRN. “Our relationship has not changed at all due to Microsoft’s announcement. In fact, I applaud it — I think it’s great that they are getting out in front and [showing] what’s possible.”

Solomon also said that Microsoft had a lot of work to do if it wanted professionals to use the Surface for large portions of their work. Simply put, Solomon doesn’t think the Surface’s keyboard models are up to snuff.

“The keyboard that they showed for Surface is a great occasional use keyboard,” he said. “But if you’re a professional content creator, there’s no way you’re going to use a keyboard like that for every day use.”

[Via AllThingsD]


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