After a massive LG G4 leak revealed almost everything there is to know about the device, new details about the upcoming Android flagship smartphone have been unearthed, including a collection of stunning pictures that were taken with the new phone, as well as some unexpected tidbits about the phone’s gorgeous 2K display.

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Online publication BusinessKorea reports that the G4 will have a slightly curved display, although it won’t be anything like the LG G Flex 2’s flexed screen. According to the publication, the G4 will have a display with a curvature radius of 3000mm along the Y-axis, which makes it a rather subtle curve compared to the 700mm curve radius of the G Flex 2.

In addition to that 5.5-inch Quad HD display (2K resolution), the G4 will also offer users more advanced cameras, a fact already confirmed by LG in announcements that preceded the April 28th G4 launch event. To better highlight the picture-taking qualities of the G4, the company gave the device to Colby Brown, a pro photographer who took out the F1.8 cameras of the phone for a proper spin.

The photographer says the wider aperture is on par with some of his professional gear and allows him to take better quality photos in darker areas. Furthermore, the G4 also lets pro photographers manually adjust various parameters, just like they would on a pro camera, including ISO, shutter speeds and White Balance.

A video teasing the G4’s camera performance, as well as some of the stunning camera sample pictures taken by the photographer during his tests follow below.

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