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Laser vs. plasma: Warming up for the battle royale

Ok, ok… Let’s not get too excited just yet. It still might be a bit early to reach any real conclusions about laser televisions and how desirable they will be once they hit the market en masse. How will lower-end models fare compared to higher-end models? How will size vs. cost pan out? How high will the early adopter tax be? There are plenty more questions that still need to be answered but in the meantime, above is a nice little taste of things to come. Two gadget-loving Texans have pitted the upcoming Mitsubishi LaserVue laser TV against Pioneer’s 60-inch Kuro plasma and yes, things got hot and heavy. The focus of this preliminary match up was color and the laser box had a strong showing. The second pair of images above highlights how vivid the colors are displayed on the LaserVue, particularly the red range. In certain other ranges however, the difference is negligible. The post also notes the tremendous benfits of laser in terms of power consumption, with the LaserVue sipping 135 watts compared to the Kuro’s 524 watts. It’s not all gravy however, as the post also highlights viewing angle as a big advantage of the plasma display – even going as far as to liken the LaserVue’s viewing angle to a DLP set. We can’t wait for the battle between laser and plasma to heat up even more – in the end, more competition means prices drop and consumers win.

[Via Gadget Lab]


Zach Epstein

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