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Jitterbug: Cell phones for old people

I’m betting that more than a few of you can relate to the experience of attempting to help an elderly family member in need of technical assistance. The generational gap between young and old is particularly apparent when it comes to the ability to utilize technology. Old people, in general, have far more trouble using the simplest of gadgets, cell phones included. The saving grace may come in the form of a Jitterbug cell phone. The company is set to release a pair of phones with a simplified feature set that should make them far more accessible to the technophobes among us, young and old alike. The phone, simply dubbed “Jitterbug Phones” come with a corresponding rate plan that features 24/7 operator assistance, making it a life saver for the family tech support call syndrome. The first handset features numerical keys and a pair of send/end buttons. How easy is that? For the uber-challenged, the second phone simply incorporates an “operator,” “tow,” and “emergency” button, in addition to the send and receive pads. Wow. The phones are available now for $147 with a new contract. Spread the word to your “slow” friends and family members, and save yourself from those aggravating support conversations.


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