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‘Phablets’ called a ‘fad’ that will eventually succumb to iPhone-sized devices

iPhone Data Usage Phablets

If you think that having a large smartphone screen makes you more likely to consume more data, think again. According to a report from Flurry Analytics, smartphones around the size of Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone experience the most regular usage among users. Devices with screen sizes between 3.5-inches and 4.9-inches were found to account for 69% of data usage, compared to smaller smartphones such as BlackBerrys (BBRY) at 16% and larger screen handsets, commonly referred to as “phablets,” at 2% of usage. When the data was broken down further, it was discovered that phablets only account for 7% of data on all Android devices, compared to 70% from normal sized devices. The research firm suggests that larger-screened phones are a fad, however with more companies releasing devices with 5-inch or higher displays, usage could increase in the coming years. A second image follows below.

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