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Had trouble using Siri before? Try it on iOS 8 and you might find huge improvements

Published Sep 20th, 2014 1:00PM EDT
iOS 8 Tips Siri

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If you’ve ever tried using Siri but have been frustrated by its accuracy, you should try giving it a new chance after installing iOS 8. In fact, according to one longtime iPhone user who has a motor speech disorder called dysarthria, Siri has improved so much with iOS 8 that he’s able to effectively use it for the first time ever.

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The user, who wishes to remain anonymous and who first posted about his experiences over at Reddit, tells BGR that Siri has traditionally had a hard time accurately responding to his commands because his speech impediment causes him to frequently slur words. However, earlier this week he decided to give it another shot after installing iOS 8 and was stunned at how it could now pick up what he was saying even when he was slurring some of his words.

“I’ve only been using it for a day so I don’t have much experience with it,” he explains. “But its nice to be able to just tell her to call someone, or even text someone. I’ve been able to just talk-to-text accurately, I just tried ‘what’s for dinner?’ and ‘dinner’ was pretty slurred, I wasn’t trying to enunciate at all. Siri picked it up perfectly the first time. Or when I’m cooking I can just tell her to set an alarm X minutes from now, and boom it’s done. If my hands aren’t perfectly clean, no big deal, all I need is a clean knuckle to press a button.”

This sounds like a vast improvement indeed and it’s definitely something you should check out for yourself if you’re an iPhone user who has had trouble getting Siri to understand you in the past.

Brad Reed
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