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These awesome free iOS 8 tweaks will make you want to jailbreak your phone right now

November 7th, 2014 at 10:50 AM
iOS 8 Best Jailbreak Tweaks

Apple doesn’t like it when you jailbreak your iPhones… but the number of awesome tweaks available on Cydia just makes it so, so tempting. YouTube user iTwe4kz has put together a terrific video of the 20 best iOS 8 tweaks that you can get for free and they’ll definitely make you think about downloading and installing the latest jailbreak for your iPhone.

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Among the several tweaks shown off in the video are BytaFont, which allows you to change the default font for your iPhone and give the titles below your app icons a fresh look; Cylinder, a tweak that alters the page swipe animations whenever you switch from one page to another; DockShift, which gives you options to customize the look of your home screen’s dock; Flux, a light adjustment tweak that automatically makes your phone’s display brighter during daylight hours and makes it dimmer at night; Mobious, which allows you to continuously scroll through the pages on your home screen as though they’re in a loop; and NoSlowAnimations, which speeds up all animations used on your iPhone and lets you open up apps more quickly.

Our little summary is just scratching the surface of some of the awesome free iOS 8 jailbreak tweaks iTwe4kz describes. To get the rest of them, you should definitely check out the video below.

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