There’s no question that the HTC One M9 is the best phone that HTC has ever released, but something even better appears to be right round the corner. On Thursday, several promo images of a new HTC phone leaked on to the Internet. Although we can’t confirm the identity of the device in the photos, we’re willing to bet that it’s the HTC One M9 Plus.

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HTC has confirmed that it will hold a media event in China on April 8th to introduce the HTC One M9 Plus. The promo shots, which feature the same “More than One” tagline we’ve seen before, also point to the same date, while previewing some of the previously leaked hardware specifications of the device.

In the first image, a magnifying glass is held over the home button that we’ve seen in other leaked shots. In the second image, we get a better look at the display, which is rumored to have a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The final image gives us a closer look at the power button, which should feature the same texture as the HTC One M9 so that users can easily find it.

There’s always the chance that these images are fake, but if an HTC event is just days away, it would make sense for the company to begin hyping up its unannounced phone.

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