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HTC Diamond loses angled back, renamed Victor

Yeah, the HTC Touch Diamond is a fine phone, but if you’ve ever handled one you’ll notice that the angled back is a bit of a polarizing force. It looks sharp, but causes some problems when you attempt lay the device firmly on a flat surface. Ever the masters of 1000 variations on a similar theme, HTC looks poised to release another version of the Touch Diamond that sports a flat back to replace the angled edges on the current version. Codenamed the HTC Victor, this new handset looks to be functionally identical to the Touch Diamond, save for a new casing on the rear of the phone. It is certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing thing we’ve ever seen, but as far as function goes, we’re happy to see carriers provided with a set of choices. What do you think? Love it or hate it? Couldn’t care less?


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