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Hound app faces off with Google Now in new video, and the results are unexpected

Hound Vs Google Now

It took nine years for SoundHound to build and launch its new Hound assistant app, and all of that time and effort has resulted in a top-notch rival to more established solutions such as Siri and Google Now. In fact, we’ve seen several videos now that suggest Hound obliterates similar offerings from Google and Apple, thanks to the speed with which it serves up answers and the staggering complexity of the questions it can offer near-instant solutions to.

In a new video showdown with Google Now, however, we’re shown some new tests that definitely have some unexpected results.

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There is one Hound demonstration video in particular that is largely responsible with the reception Hound has gotten. In the video, a user speaks ridiculously complex questions in rapid succession, and Hound answers each one without skipping a beat.

The video in question can be seen in one of our earlier posts.

Subsequent videos have pitted SoundHound’s new app against rival products, and they have offered similar results, as we’ve come to expect. Hound answers crazy questions at unbelievable speeds, stirring up even more excitement for the new beta app.

According to the results of a new test performed recently by 9to5Google though, it looks like Hound’s edge over the competition might not be as impressive as we thought.

There’s no question that Hound can answer some very complicated questions in the blink of an eye, but the questions we’ve seen in demo videos often aren’t good examples of how Hound will perform in the real world compared to other apps. When Hound and Google Now were both asked more common questions that they might actually be asked in real-world situations, Google’s app performed just as well as Hound — and even better in a few instances.

The full demo video is embedded below.

Zach Epstein

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