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Everything you’ll need to get you through 2015’s first massive blizzard

Updated 4 years ago
Guide to the 2015 Blizzard
Image: NOAA

If you live in the northeast region of the United States, you’re probably beginning to see the first snowfall of what could be an unprecedented blizzard. But don’t panic! In this article, we’re going to help you make it through this storm alive, without losing your mind in the process.

Below, we’ve collected some of the gadgets you’ll absolutely want to have on hand before the blizzard sweeps in on Monday night, as well as a few precautions worth taking in case the power goes out.

FROM EARLIER: Tonight’s snowstorm looks absolutely devastating and could be the worst ever

First of all: CHARGE EVERYTHING. It’s probably already on your to-do list, but it’s worth repeating anyway. If you have any back-up phones that you don’t use anymore, charge those too. The more fully charged devices you have in your home, the better.

Fill up on gas as soon as you possibly can. You do not want to be driving during the storm, for any reason whatsoever, but if you do need to leave the house once the blizzard has subsided, you’ll want to know that you can get to wherever you’re going and back without ending up stranded on the side of the road.

Finally, be smart. Don’t use your stove to heat your apartment. Don’t leave any windows open. Bring your cats and dogs inside. Have plenty of food that can be prepared without a microwave.

If you haven’t already, be sure to stock up on matches, blankets and batteries. Along with those essentials, here’s a short list of items that should be on your shopping list today as well (with some of our personal suggestions included):

Smartphone Battery Case

When your battery inevitably dwindles from all the podcasts you’re going to be listening to and all the apps you’re going to be cycling through, you’ll be thankful that you have some extra juice already equipped.

Our pick: Trianium iPhone 6 Battery Case ($69.95 on Amazon)

Portable External Battery

…and then when your battery case loses power, you’ll have yet another chance to get a few rounds of Angry Birds in. Does anyone actually still play Angry Birds? Either way, pick up a cheap external battery — many are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Our pick: Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger ($13.99 on Amazon)

Flashlight (w/ Batteries)

A strong flashlight and a storehouse of batteries could save your life if and when the power goes out. You probably already have a flashlight, but unless it’s solar powered (or magical), make sure you’re fully stocked up on batteries as well.

Our pick: Ultrafire 7W 300LM Mini CREE LED Flashlight ($3.73 on Amazon)


Feel free to pick up whichever candles suit your needs, but cheap, unscented candles are probably the best bet. Just be sure to put something underneath them — you don’t want to have to scrape wax off the kitchen counter once you’ve survived the snowpocalypse.

Our pick: Dynamic Collections Unscented 12-Hour Votive Candle 30-Pack ($13.20 on Amazon)

Weather Radio

The pièce de résistance. One of the most comforting devices to own during a storm. If you don’t already own one, it shouldn’t hard to find one for under $30 (providing everyone hasn’t already sold out).

Our pick: American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank Weather Radio ($38.99 on Amazon)

Jacob Siegal
Jacob Siegal Associate Editor

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