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Video: Crazy man runs from the cops using the same techniques that work in Grand Theft Auto

Published Nov 6th, 2014 11:00AM EST
GTA V In Real Life Video

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One of the things that makes the Grand Theft Auto games so fun to play is that they’re hilariously unrealistic — there’s simply no way that police would give up chasing you after you mowed down multiple civilians because you either managed to evade them for a few blocks or because you got your car painted a different color. However, it seems that one very stupid criminal didn’t get the memo that things that work in video games don’t work so well in real life, as earlier this year he led cops on a two-hour chase that saw him employ the same techniques that you use to evade police in GTA V.

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Just like you do when you play GTA V, the man routinely tried to cut off drivers and would then jump out of his car when they stopped, open up their car doors and yank them out of the car by force. While we’ve always thought it ridiculous that many drivers would just let you toss them out of their cars like the ones in GTA V, these drivers were apparently in such shock that they let him do it with little resistance despite the fact that he doesn’t appear to be armed.

Once he stole someone’s car, the man then drove like he was in GTA V as well and damaged his vehicle so much that driving it effectively became impossible. The solution? Get out of the vehicle and kick another person out of a new car! Throughout the video he also uses patented GTA techniques such as driving on the wrong side of the street and speeding through busy intersections when he has a red light as well.

It doesn’t look like anyone actually got seriously hurt during this ridiculous high-speed chase so you probably shouldn’t feel bad if you laugh at its utter absurdity. Oh, and you’ll definitely be cheering at the end when the cops finally catch up with the man and arrest him.

Watch the whole video below.

Brad Reed
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