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5 reasons Android fans are already complaining about the Nexus 5X

Published Sep 29th, 2015 1:35PM EDT
Google Nexus 5X Biggest Complaints
Image: Google

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Google just officially announced its new Nexus 5X phone, but Android fans are already complaining about it, just like they’ve done about every new Android phone this year. Granted, the complaints about the Nexus 5 aren’t as vociferous as the ones we’ve seen about the OnePlus Two or the Galaxy Note 5, but they’re there nonetheless. Judging from the fan reaction over in /r/Android and other Android forums, these are the five biggest complaints Android fans have about the new devices.

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No micro-SD card support. This is something that greatly irked Android fans about the Galaxy S6 earlier this year and now lack of microSD support has reared its ugly head in the new line of Nexus devices as well. If you want more on-board storage on your new Nexus phone, you’re basically out of luck.

No wireless charging. After Samsung kicked off the wireless charging revolution with the Galaxy S6 this year, many expected Google would have to follow suit with its new Nexus phones. It didn’t and now Nexus users are going to be stuck using wired chargers for at least another generation of devices.

No optical image stabilization. OIS has become an essential feature for smartphone cameras to take high-quality low-light photos. Sadly for Android diehards, you won’t find it in the new Nexus phones.

It has an ugly camera bump in the back. This camera bump would have only been bigger if the company had included OIS on the device. Why, it’s almost as if there are trade offs when designing devices and that there’s no way to make a perfect phone without any compromises!

It only has 2GB of RAM. Sure, this is the same amount of RAM as you’ll find in the iPhone 6s and running a stock Android phone on 2GB of RAM will deliver a much better performance than an Android phone with 2GB of RAM that’s loaded with carrier and OEM bloatware. But no matter! Android fans were expecting a device with 3GB of RAM and this revelation is a disappointment.

So what’s the bottom line? It seems that Android fans are happier about the Nexus 5X than they have been about other recent devices. Maybe they’re realizing that no one is going to make a high-end phone with an all-metal unibody design that includes a 4K display, 4GB of RAM, a 21-megapixel camera with OIS, wireless charging, 64GB of storage, microSD card support and that sells for under $400?

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