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‘Game of Thrones’ just released behind-the-scenes footage from season 6

Updated 4 years ago
Published Mar 1st, 2016 9:33AM EST
Game Of Thrones Season 6 Behind The Scenes Footage
Image: HBO

Spring is coming and that means a new season of Game of Thrones is on its way as well. HBO has been getting us psyched up for its flagship show’s sixth season by releasing several teaser images and this week it took things a step further by releasing some behind-the-scenes footage as part of a video showing what it’s like to be a cameraman working on the show. Below we’ll go through some of the key screen caps.

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This appears to be a tracking shot of an unidentified army riding on horseback. Business Insider finds evidence that they are riding under the sigil of the Bolton family.

Another marching army. This time it appears to be the Dothraki tribesmen who picked up Daenerys at the end of season 5:

Meereen’s Sons of the Harpy look like they’re going to be doing a lot more stabbing and killing in season 6:

A Faceless Man prepares a body in the House of Black and White:

Jaime Lannister makes his return from Dorne on a lovely set of a ship, with the requisite green screen in the background.

Melisandre looks like she’s concentrating pretty intensely here… hopefully she’s resurrecting Jon Snow?

And yes, Peter Dinklage, a.k.a. Tyrion Lannister, makes a brief appearance:

Check out the whole video below.

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