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Video shows the Galaxy Note 5 can’t keep up with the iPhone 6 despite superior hardware

Galaxy Note 5 Vs. iPhone 6 Speed Test

If you were to pit the Galaxy Note 5 against the iPhone 6 in terms of raw specs, the Note 5 would clobber Apple’s 2014 flagship phone. As we’ve seen in the past, however, hardware specs don’t tell us everything we need to know about a phone’s performance.

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A YouTuber with the account name DroidModderX ROOT Master (in other words, not an Apple fanboy) recently decided to pit the Galaxy Note 5 against the iPhone 6 in a speed test for opening up various applications. Despite the fact that the Note 5 has 4GB of RAM and the iPhone 6 has just 1GB of RAM, the iPhone 6 kept pace with the Note 5 in terms of being able to quickly open and load common apps.

But where the iPhone really blew the Note 5 out of the water was when DroidModderX started opening up apps for the second time. In this case, the apps that had already been opened once on the iPhone 6 popped up instantly while the apps that had been opened on the Note 5 still had to go through their full load times.

“As you can see, [the iPhone 6] is kind of blowing the Note 5 out of the water now because it doesn’t have to totally reopen apps,” DroidModderX explains during the video. “The Note 5 closes out every app and then totally has to reopen it… Part of the problem with TouchWiz is the way it handles memory… where as the iPhone 6 was able to just reopen the app from in the background.”

Check out the whole video below and see for yourself.

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