I haven’t stopped thinking about Final Fantasy XV ever since I played through the demo earlier this year. It has some kinks to work out, but development appears to be progressing as fast as we could hope from a Final Fantasy title. On Monday, Square Enix helped ease the pain of the long wait with a new gameplay video starring the game’s iconic car.

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After the mixed reaction to Final Fantasy XIII, many fans of the series were concerned that a true open world might not be in the cards for future games, but if the demo wasn’t enough to prove to you just how open the world will be, this new gameplay video should convince you otherwise.

Here’s the description from the YouTube page:

“The shimmering blue sea unfolds along this scenic coastal route—but no road is without a bump or two. Driving the car in FINAL FANTASY XV can occur either manually or automatically; take the wheel and steer clear of trouble yourself, or let the digital chauffeur see you to your destination in safety and style.”

At the end of the video, we see that Final Fantasy XV is officially coming in 2016. Even after nearly a decade of development, I’ll still be thoroughly impressed if Square Enix can get the game out by next holiday season. Fingers crossed.

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