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Congrats, Comcast: You’re now only America’s second most hated pay TV provider

February 5th, 2015 at 10:15 PM
Comcast Vs. Dish Vs. Charter Vs. TWC

For the past year, Comcast has ruled the roost as America’s most disliked pay TV provider but this year it seems it has some major competition. Via Bloomberg, a new Harris poll of more than 27,000 American consumers found that Dish was actually the most disliked pay TV provider and was in fact America’s third-most hated company overall.

WHEN COMCAST WAS KING: Massive survey finds Comcast and TWC are the two most hated companies in America – period


Don’t think American consumers have forgotten about Comcast, however — the Harris survey found that it’s the most hated ISP, the second-most hated pay TV provider and the eighth-most hated company overall. Unsurprisingly, pay TV providers are well represented in Harris’s list of the 20 most hated companies, as Charter (No. 9 overall), Time Warner Cable (No.16) and DirecTV (No. 18) all fared poorly in consumers’ minds.

When it comes to positive news for tech-related companies, Harris’s list of the most liked companies included Amazon (No.2 overall), Samsung (No. 3), Apple (No. 9), Google (No. 10), Sony (No. 13) and Microsoft (No. 15).

And in case you’re wondering, the most hated company in all the U.S. in Harris’s poll was Goldman Sachs, which has earned a reputation as the “vampire squid” of the financial world.

Check out the full list at the source link below.

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