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Just in case you forgot how awesome Bill Gates is…

Bill Gates Interview

Bill Gates is an awesome human being. He has played a huge role in changing the world on several occasions — literally, not figuratively — first by helping to make personal computing a reality at Microsoft and amassing a ridiculously huge personal fortune in the process, and then by using that ridiculously huge personal fortune to make the world a better place for people in need across the globe. And despite his long and storied career, he’s not done changing the world. Gates’s continued philanthropic efforts will change millions, even billions of lives for the better moving forward.

Long story short, Bill Gates is the man.

We really didn’t need a reminder of just how awesome Bill Gates is, but he recently decided to give us one anyway when he hosted his second “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit. You can read the full thread here.

Following his AMA, Gates on Wednesday evening took to his personal blog to discuss the experience and share his thoughts on how it went. He also revealed which questions were his favorite during the AMA.

“I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years, but not many where I get to talk about the Gates Foundation’s mistakes, what the future of computing looks like, and the virtues of Samuel L. Jackson playing me in a movie, all in one sitting,” Gates wrote on his blog. “And that’s only a few of the topics that people brought up in the ‘Ask Me Anything’ session I did on Reddit Monday.”

He continued, “Since Reddit attracts a tech-savvy crowd, it was no surprise that people asked a lot about my experience at Microsoft and the future of technology. I was glad to see plenty of questions about philanthropy too, especially since Melinda and I just published our Annual Letter. My favorite was this: ‘What’s one of your goals for the next year… and how can we help?’ What a nice thing for someone to ask. I talked about improving the debate over education, which is too polarized and focused on the wrong things. I wish we spent less time arguing over things like testing and more time talking about how to help teachers improve.”

For a list of Gates’s favorite questions and links to each one, be sure to check out his full post on the topic, which is linked below in our source section.

And for one final reminder of how awesome Mr. Gates is, here’s the video he made for his Reddit AMA:

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