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Finally: A happy story about an Uber driver

March 4th, 2015 at 8:30 PM
Best Uber Driver Ever

It seems like every time we see headlines about Uber drivers, it’s about them allegedly ripping off customers, committing sexual assault or crashing into cop cars and then getting busted for having drugs in the glove box. But we should remember there are plenty of honest and decent Uber drivers out there who shouldn’t be tarnished by the actions of a few high-profile criminals. Business Insider brings us an example of one such Uber driver who returned a passenger’s driver’s license, credit card and other important items after she left them in the car.

THIS, ON THE OTHER HAND, IS NOT A HAPPY STORY: Sleazy Uber driver propositions woman, Uber gives her $30 for her troubles

What made this act of kindness particularly impressive is that the driver went to the trouble of making a handwritten itemized list of the things she left behind in the car to help her make sure she wasn’t missing anything.

“I had kept all my cards and license in a little pouch, which must have fallen out of my pocket when I took the taxi on Saturday. I only realized it was lost this morning when I tried to go the bank,” the passenger told The Mirror. “I then spent two hours searching the house when my housemate appeared and said I had a special delivery. The driver had posted it all back to me, he spent £6.40 on the postage — the cab only cost me £5! I am so thankful to the driver and I think I’m going to send him a box of chocolates or something. He even sent the £20 note back!”

Uber, for its part, was happy to crow about its driver’s good deeds, which is a much more pleasant experience than apologizing for its drivers allegedly acting like pigs.

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