Last week, I penned a post that questioned why I continue to carry an Android phone with me despite the fact that my main phone is an iPhone. In the past, I carried both because Android included so much functionality that wasn’t available on iOS. As time has progressed, however, iPhones have grown more and more capable. Now, there are precious few truly useful Android features that the iPhone cannot match.

As capable as iOS is at this point, however, there are still some features available to the jailbreak community that most iPhone users will never get to enjoy.

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While we don’t cover the jailbreak community extensively here on BGR, we do discuss some particularly intriguing tweaks from time to time for the small contingent of iPhone users who jailbreak their phones. For example, a couple of weeks ago I covered a video that discussed 10 jailbreak tweaks that were so cool they were making me a little jealous.

Now, YouTube user Tanner Marsh is back with another 10 new jailbreak tweaks, and they really might make you think twice about continuing to used your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

Marsh’s video is embedded below, and you’ll find a list of all 10 new jailbreak tweaks beneath it.

1 NoNowPlayingStatusBar
2 No Music Interruptions For Incoming Calls
3 SongCount
4 No Music Downloaded Indicator
5 Floater
6 Bars
7 RomanPasscode
8 CCSpeedUp
9 FrontCamUnMirror
10 Cylinder

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