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My Favorite iPhone Game Has a New Sequel and We’re Giving it Away for Free

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We have written about BorderLeap’s game Harmony a few times here on BGR, because it’s one of just a few games for the iPhone that I actually play. In fact, it’s easily my favorite — the puzzles are fun, and the design is unique and beautiful.

Harmony 2 picked up where the original left off, providing fresh new puzzles for those of us who burned through all the levels in the first version. Now, the third installment in the Harmony series has been released.

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The app’s App Store description will do a better job of explaining how the game works than I can:

har•mo•ny 3 is a challenging puzzle game of beautiful colors and captivating music, unified in perfect harmony.

A Work of Art…

New chapters feature 90 exquisite levels, each handcrafted to aesthetic perfection. Your objective is to strategically rearrange blocks to reassemble each palette to its correct order.

New Features… New Challenges…

Color palettes subtly morph before your eyes. Gameplay elements fade and dance to beautiful music. With a rapidly increasing difficulty level, har•mo•ny 3 will delight your eyes and ears while stimulating your brain in a relaxing, near-hypnotic experience. You simply have to experience it to believe it.

Mesmerizing Ambience by Hammock…

Treat your ears to nearly two full hours of some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear. har•mo•ny 3 is an encore presentation featuring some of the most-loved music from the sequel while adding 6 new, unreleased tracks featured only in the game.

Wallpapers Galore…

Every level you reach contains a beautiful wallpaper rich with color that you can save to your device.

Experience the Sound of Color…

Go ahead and treat yourself to har•mo•ny 3. Your eyes, ears and mind will thank you.

har•mo•ny 3 is a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases.

The app costs $2.99 and is well worth it, but BorderLeap provided us with five codes that will let a few lucky readers download the app for free.

Want a copy? Mention me in a post on Twitter (@zacharye) asking for a code and later today, I’ll pick five lucky people at random to receive one free code each. Make sure your account is set to receive DMs from all users or follow me to ensure I can send you a code.

Download Harmony 3 – $2.99

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