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$87 worth of awesome paid iPhone apps you can now download for free (8 apps total)

Best Free iPhone Apps

We go out of our way each day here at BGR in an effort to bring you the best paid iPhone and iPad apps out there that are made available for free for a limited time. While the cost of an app definitely isn’t always an indication of its quality, today’s batch of paid apps on sale for free carries a total value of $87, which may very well be a single-day record for this series. The best apps of the bunch aren’t the priciest though, so be sure to take your time while checking out today’s list.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free at the time this post is published. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “free,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


This is definitely one of the sleekest and most simple goal tracker apps we’ve come across.

Live a full life. Make it count.

Full is an app that helps you track, measure, and visualize what’s important to you. Use the app to count and monitor your monthly goals. Do you want to run 15 times? Read two books? Call your mom and tell her you love her? Whatever is important to you we help you track it with our simple swipe gestures and stoplight indicators that tell you if you’re on pace.


> Add an unlimited amount of daily, weekly, and monthly goals

> Quantify how many times you want to achieve your goal

> Swipe to ADD, SUBTRACT, EDIT, or DELETE your goals

> Visualize your goal history to see how you did and improve next month

We’re excited to relaunch version 2.0 of Full into the App Store.

Full is always a bargain at $0.99, but right now it’s free.

Download Full


Services like Spotify, Rdio and others don’t always do a good job of introducing you to new music you love. If you often find this to be the case, Discovr might be just what the doctor ordered.

Discover new music, play songs, listen to and buy mp3s and watch Youtube videos of your favorite bands and artists.

Called “Beautiful and dynamic” by The Wall Street Journal, Discovr is everything about the music you love — songs, artists, videos, and more, and has also been featured in Techcrunch, Mashable, Read Write Web, Gizmodo, Scobleizer, Lifehacker, Macstories, Macworld, and Wired Magazine.

Discover has all your favorite bands and artists in all kinds of genres, like indie, dance, rap, pop, country, world, folk, classical, metal, hiphop, and more. From rare tracks to top songs and hits, Discovr has it all: albums, artists, bands, playlists, and more. If you love music you’ll love Discovr. Just search, play, and share.

– Discover your new favorite artist with our interactive maps of the whole world of music.
– We’ll bring you all of their music, Youtube videos, biographies, Tweets and more.

– Play 30 second preview sample clips from iTunes
– Play full length songs via Youtube
– Launch your favorite artists and songs in Spotify and Rdio.
– Buy your favorite songs and albums from the iTunes store.

– Share your favorite music to Twitter, Facebook, and via email and messages.
– Save the music artists and bands you love as favorites for later

Save $3.99 by downloading this app now.

Download Discovr

Lumen Trails Time+

Track anything and everything you could possibly want to track with this pricey app that’s now free.

Lumen Trails lets you take notes, make lists and keep track of other things in your life, such as time, workouts, expenses, calories, food, weight, sleep or anything else you can think of. Thousands of people use it every day, and they love it because it truly makes a difference in their lives.

“I’ve been using Lumen Trails for 6 months and continue to love it. One of my most sticky and useful apps ever on my phone.” – David D’Souza

The beauty of Lumen Trails is that you can track absolutely anything. There are tons of other apps that allow you to track one or two things, for example, calories and weight. But what if you decide to track something else? Say, how many cigarettes you smoke as you try to quit, your eating habits or even net worth? Lumen Trails is the app for that!

Instead of having one app for your to-do lists, one for tracking expenses, another one for tracking your weight, you can declutter your home screen and just have one app that does it all.

Designed exclusively for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, Lumen Trails is incredibly powerful, easy to use and looks beautiful on the Retina Display. It can even backup your data automatically to Google Drive, sync with iCloud and is fully accessible with Apple VoiceOver in 8 languages. There’s nothing that comes even close to it. And to top it all, your data is not locked on your iPhone. You can export it to Excel or Google Docs!

So what’s truly important to you right now? Your Health? Fitness? Finances? Productivity?

Track it and get things done!

:: Note to iPhone 5 & 5s users

Now you can ask Siri to find information for you and dictate right into Lumen Trails. For example, hold down the Home button and ask Siri: “How many calories are in a chicken sandwich?”. To start dictation, tap the microphone button on your keyboard and just start talking – your words will be turned into text.

:: Lumen Trails in 8 Colors

The 8 versions of Lumen Trails differ in the color of the icon and the sample categories to get you started. They all share the same core functionality and allow you to create as many custom categories as you wish.

Lumen Trails is normally $19.99, so this is a huge sale.

Download Lumen Trails Time+


This nifty app is the exact opposite of a to-do app. It’s an already-did app.

When’s the last time you foiled a bank robbery? Rescued a kitten from a burning building? Complimented your mother-in-law?

Wonder no longer with Recur, the reverse to-do list that helps you keep track of all the amazing stuff you’ve done.

When you do something that you want to remember – like saving the planet from a race of evil sloths – just add a new event in Recur. You can check back at any time to see how long it’s been since that fateful day. If the Sloth-Men are foolish enough to attack (ever-so-slowly) again, you can refresh the event to update its counter and timestamp.

And as an extra tool for your utility belt, Recur comes with powerful repeating reminders to guarantee you’ll never forget the mundane stuff, like washing your cape or walking your invisible dog.

· See how long it’s been since you first acquired your superpowers
· Track how many times you’ve had to replace your sidekick
· Set up repeating reminders so you never forget to clean your secret base
· Import refreshed events into everyone’s favorite sadistic to-do list, CARROT
· Bask in the glory of a user interface designed specifically for iOS 7

This app is currently free, on sale from $1.99.

Define Recur!

King’s Poker Casino

Is this poker app for the iPhone and iPad worth its standard $49.99 asking price? We say almost certainly not, but you be the judge.

It’s like having a FREE video poker gambling casino in your hands!

– Excellent Payout Algorithm
– Great training for playing real video poker! Use 6x Video Poker as a trainer!
– Auto hold cards
– Easy to play with just one hand so it’s great for those spare moments you find yourself with in the bathroom or the boardroom!
– Game Center leaderboard integration to see where you rank against the best 6x Video Poker players in the world!
– Beautifully rendered retina display graphics and animation!

“I can’t tell you how much I love this game. Every time I get a Payout my heartbeat is going up and fast! Bring on The King!”
-Brent Chertan, a casual poker player.

“Thanks guys for putting this poker game out. Want to have fun playing poker – download this game!”
-Math Sangather, did not really enjoy any poker game in App Store until I found this one – now I am hooked!

Now you also have the chance to Download the King’s Poker for free and enjoy playing immediately!

Ignore this poker game at your own risk!

Download King’s Poker Casino

Free Music Download Manager + Player for SoundCloud Pro

With a name like that, how could you ignore this app?

Enjoy your favorite SoundCloud music!
Search and Save Free Music on SoundCloud that is available to download.

– Discover & search directly on SoundCloud
– Multiple downloads at one time
– Support resuming of interrupted downloads.
– Create Playlists
– Search by song name
– Search Suggestions
– Smart playlists like iPod
– Background playback
– Now you can add streaming-only audio to your playlists. These songs will not be downloaded, but will play along in your playlists with your downloaded songs.
– More… Want more features? Email us and ask :)

**Only songs available for download can be downloaded. This app uses the soundcloud API and follows their policy.

On sale from $4.99, this app is now free for a limited time.

Download Free Music Download Manager + Player for SoundCloud Pro


Scan a document and this cool app will automatically digitize the text.


Scanio helps you scan documents, invoices, receipts, bills and other.
Send them via email or to another apps or upload to cloud services.
Capture text from image.

• Automatic detecting page edges, to make a perfect picture
• Enhances document picture
• Export to multi-page PDF files
• Offline Text Recognition supports 15 languages:
English, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

Normally $2.99, this app is on sale right now for free.

Download Scanio

Route Map

Last but certainly not least, a great app that will monitor your runs, jogs, walks or bike rides and plot your path on a map.

‘Route Map’ will help you track your walking, running and cycling trip on offline maps based on OpenStreetMap data. This app helps you record, analyze and share trip data.

– Record your GPS tracks even if app is in background.
– 12 map sources based on OpenStreetMap data.
– Simple and easy interaction
– Download map before your trip and use it in offline mode
– Shows current speed and altitude
– Detailed tracks statistics
– Export Tracks in GPX through iTunes share or direct to other apps

Save $1.99 by downloading this app now.

Download Route Map

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