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$48 worth of awesome paid iPhone apps that are free right now (8 apps total)

Zach Epstein
September 2nd, 2014 at 10:45 AM
Best Free iPhone Apps

BGR celebrated Labor Day this year by bringing you $55 worth of great paid iPhone and iPad apps that were free for a limited time. In fact, a few of the apps we shared on Monday are still free if you hurry. With each new day comes a new batch of iOS app sales, however, and we’ve sifted through all the junk to bring you the cream of the crop. Today’s batch of paid apps gone free includes eight apps that are worth a combined $48, but they’re all free if you download them right away.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they are free at the time this post is published. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “free,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Red Clock

This is a beautifully designed app that I have actually been using myself for quite some time.

Red clock is simply designed alarm clock app. You can use the easy and simple at the same time clock, weather, alarm.


• Very Big digital Clock for legibility
• A variety of themes (More themes than the FREE version)
• Simple & Modern Design
• Highly customizable
• Analog Kit and Additional Theme packs (In App Purchase)

• Location-based weather service with more than 30 Weather Icons.
• Display Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Feels Like, UV Index, Pressure
• Weather Underground API
• Weather information is automatically updated in 5-30 minutes.

• Easy setting, easy alarm
• Snooze
• Repeat days of week
• Smooth shake alarm animation
• Fade-in Sound
• Alarm Label
• Alarm sound quality of professional artists

• Night mode switching as lamp switch
• Auto night mode switching by current brightness

• Landscape mode for greater legibility
• The battery status bar to notice at a glance

This great universal app is normally $1.99 but it’s free right now.

Download Red Clock

iBolt Music Player and Manager

A sleek and simple music player for SoundCloud

The best Music Manager for SoundCloud! You won’t miss it!
Simple and easy app to listen to your favorite SoundCloud tracks even when you are offline. Create playlists and save tracks to listen to them later. No login required.

Key features:
-Discover & search directly on SoundCloud.
-Browse by categories and find the most treading music and video you love.
-Search with keywords for tracks, albums and artists directly.

-Enjoy all kinds of music you stored in Music library system/files or videos imported from iTunes.
-Manage music you are listening to :Cycle play and Switch Lyrics.
-Sort all your music by name, artists,albums or other, you can listen to any your favorite songs anytime and anywhere.

√User friendly
-This music player is very easy to use. Just swipe your fingers.

√More amazing functions
-Shake to shuffle / sync with music library / sleep timer / auto play next media/share with your friends and more surprise.

Save $2.99 by downloading this app right away.

Download iBolt Music Player and Manager


Veter is a simple weather app that strips away all the bells and whistles.

An amazing weather app with fluid motions and animations and an visual interface that is beautifully and simple.

Temperature in C & F
Localisation by GPS or manual
Weather for the next 4 days
App Interface changes in-time with the weather and time of the day.

$0.99 is more than fair for this app, but free is even better.

Download Veter

Benjamin Gunships

Another Benjamin game? Sure, why not…

Experience the Next-Generation of Arcade-Style 3D Helicopter Combat as you protect the skies above the futuristic offshore buildings owned by the banking cartels. Intensely cinematic non-stop action awaits you during the 20 mission campaign as you pilot, level-up and upgrade one of 3 playable Helicopter Gunships.

• Never before seen Arcade-Style 3D Helicopter Combat experience, with sights, sounds and non-stop action that will take your breath away!
• Enjoy Simple and Intuitive Controls: tilt your iOS device left/right to steer your Helicopter Gunship around city obstacles while skillfully avoiding enemy missiles.
• Alternatively, for a casual ON-RAILS experience: forgo tilting and simply tap your enemies to engage the “Autopilot” while controlling your Afterburner and Weapons with a smooth 2-button interface.
• 20 action-oriented campaign missions (including 2 bonus Endless Gauntlet levels) offer over 4 hours of action-packed Arcade-Style game play.
• Face more than 30 different types of enemies, including: modern jets, attack helicopters and GIGANTIC money-packed transport aircraft!
• Game Center support: with 7 Leaderboards and 18 elusive Achievements that demand an additional 10+ hours of game play.
• RPG Style Progression System allows you to FREELY acquire, pilot and level-up 3 unique Helicopter Gunships while unlocking 18 different types of Afterburner and Weapon upgrades.
• Optional In-App Purchases allow you to skip the RPG grind and instantly acquire any of the playable Helicopter Gunships. In addition, you can Restore your existing purchases to unlock content on multiple iOS devices.
• Team up with friendly AI wingmen in the later stages of the game, and watch as your enemies fall before your elite squadron.
• Over 30 minutes of memorable original music will dynamically accompany your Arcade-Style cinematic experience.
• Adaptive AI and Randomized Enemies with Dynamic Difficulty: provide for a near endless replay value, as your opponents constantly change and adapt to your style of game play each time you engage a new or existing mission.

>> Game Play Basics:

Steer your helicopter manually by tilting your device left and right, or tap your enemies to engage the ON-RAILS “Autopilot”. NOTE that you must be facing your enemies directly before pressing the right “Weapons/Fire” button. Holding the left “Afterburner” button will allow you to avoid enemy missiles as well as steer around various city hazards. Remember that the game’s Dynamic On-Screen Tutorial System will always guide you on the right course of action, while prolonged use of the Weapons/Afterburner will cause a temporary overload. Also, note that your gunship is equipped with automatic repair systems which will activate shortly after you stop taking damage.

Completing missions, earning XP and leveling-up your gunship to Level 5 will unlock new playable aircraft for FREE. You may also skip the RPG grind and instantly level-up via the use of optional In-App Purchases. Each In-App Purchase can also be Restored, thus allowing you to instantly unlock playable gunships on multiple iOS devices.

This game is currently free, on sale from a hefty $19.99.

Download Benjamin Gunships


Auto maintenance made easy.

We believe that apps should be made with care, look beautiful and be simple to use. We are passionate about it, we think of it as making art.

That’s why we created RememberTheOil, a powerful service reminder and car maintenance log. We have paid attention to details to ensure ease of use. Just by updating your vehicle mileage, we estimate and set reminders for your upcoming services. Aditionally you can track your daily mileage and fuel efficiency.

Please visit our website ( and check out our demo to see the app in action.

And this is just the beginning, we will keep improving it because “Art is never finished, only abandoned” – Da Vinci.

* Retina Display support for iPhone5
* Ability to track multiple vehicles without an extra charge.
* iCloud enabled. Your data can be safely stored in iCloud if you have an iCloud account.
* Individual tracking and reminders for your vehicle services. You can use 12 common car services like Oil Change, Brake Revision, Tires, etc. or you may customize your own.
* Each vehicle can be configured in miles (U.S. or U.K) or kilometers.
* Fuel fill-ups can be entered in liters or gallons.
* With every mileage update, the app calculates your daily mileage and makes a forecast for your next service date.
* Fuel efficiency tracking
* Receive a notification on your phone when it’s time for a car maintenance.

This app is normally $2.99 but it’s free for a limited time.

Download RememberTheOil

Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden

Explore the world at the bottom of the seas in this interesting game.

Plunge into an endlessly enthralling sea adventure!
Ready to strap on your oxygen mask? Famed underwater explorer Robert Marceau has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and now his fiancée must descend to the gloomy depths of the ocean to find him. Venture into unknown and unsettling waters to investigate the sunken city of Eden, now controlled by demons, find hidden objects and confront eerie sea monsters in this heart-pounding quest to save a missing diver!

● 40 dazzling and exotic underwater locations
● 16 unique hidden object scenes to search
● 22 mini-games, including an unusual Domino game
● Three difficulty modes: casual, advanced and expert
● In-depth Strategy Guide
● Game Center Support

This game is usually $4.99 for the iPhone version and $6.99 for the HD iPad version, but both downloads are free right now.

Download Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden for iPhone

Download Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD for iPad

Summary Pro

Summary Pro is a great note-taking app with tons of smart features.

With Summary, you can now easily and smartly summarise your ideas, study notes and business reports while keeping track of the source of every piece of information in your summary

Surf the web and clip charts and copy text from articles and paragraphs with free hand cutting and Summary smart copy/paste. Summary also opens all document extensions PDFs , MS Word, Pages, MS Excel, Numbers, MS PowerPoint, Keynote, Text or RTF documents.

SUMMARIZE THE WEB with a Multi-Tab browser!

•The whole internet is simply another source in Summary! Easily take out text, images or both.

Create neat and beautiful summaries in no time!

It’s as simple as A B C!

A Bring your sources together
B Cut and Swipe the interesting parts left OR just Copy and it will Auto-Paste
C And your done!



•Your sources can come from anywhere! From other devices, your e-mail, other apps, your hard books and documents with Summary scanner or even a browser with Multi-tabs!

•Swipe to easily move between your summary and library.
•Drag left or copy text to send anything into your summary.
•Intuitive and very easy to use interface.


•Organize your items (add, edit, delete or reorder).
•Advanced text editing tools right on top of the keyboard.


•Summary keeps reference for every piece of information and takes you right back when needed.
•Automatically create a list of references at the end of your summary.


•Once happy with your summary, convert it to PDF, print it, keep it in your Library or share it via e-mail, iTunes or Dropbox.


•Summary Integrated web browser.
•Opening MS Word Documents.
•Opening MS Excel Spreadsheet.
•Opening MS PowerPoint Presentations.
•Opening Pages Documents.
•Opening Keynote Presentations.
•Opening Numbers Spreadsheets.

Save $1.99 by downloading this app now.

Download Summary Pro

HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds Pro

Just like every other wallpapers app, you have to sift through a bunch of garbage to find the good backgrounds. When the app is free though, the process is significantly less painful.


● 50,000+ Crystal Clear and Vibrant Wallpaper Collection.
● Powerful search, get any wallpapers by query keyword.
● Multiple Choice & Save Your Time.
● Stunning UI, Easy Navigation – Swipe, Zoom, Pinch.
● Lock Screen and Home Screen preview in App.
● Beautiful Full Screen Slideshows.
● Share by Facebook, Twitter and Email.
● Like your favorite wallpapers.

This app is on sale for free for a limited time, down from $4.99

Download HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds Pro

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