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8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free downloads for a limited time

Zach Epstein
November 21st, 2014 at 10:20 AM
Best Free iPhone Apps

It’s time to finish the week strong with one last batch of nifty paid iPhone and iPad apps that are all on sale for free for a limited time. Yesterday’s post brought you seven paid apps regularly worth more than $60 that were all on sale for free — and some of them can still be downloaded for free if you hurry. Today, we have eight new apps for you and there are some great ones to choose from.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Fingerprint Password Manager

Normally $1.99.

Simple – Secure – Fingerprint Password Manager for iOS 8 with Touch ID support

Do you have trouble remembering all your passwords and logins?
Now you have all your accounds with you secured by your Touch ID.

Save and secure all your accounts and logins
with your Touch ID and a master password.

Fingerprint – Touch ID – Password Manager – iOS 8

NOTE: Touch ID only works with iOS8 and iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2. This devices supports fingerprint Touch ID. Older devices will still work but with a password instead of fingerprint.

Download Fingerprint Password Manager

Effects Studio

Normally $1.99.

• Effects Studio is now ready for iPhone 6/6 Plus and iOS 8 Photo Editing Extension.

• Whether you’re an occasional snapper or an enthusiast, perfect your shots with Effects studio and cater for almost everything you could want to do with your pictures

• There’s plenty of fun to be had and produce stunning effects, too.

• Manipulate pictures of your friends in weird and wonderful ways, and some that distort pictures so heavily that, frankly, they should never see the light of day.

• Effects Studio provides basic image editing features with powerful effects and easy to use in mind.

• Futures:

– Filters – Linear, vignette, instant, process, transfer, sepia, chrome, fade, curve, tonal, noir, mono, invert.

– Adjustment – Luminosity, contrast, color.

– Effects – Spot, hue, highlight, bloom, gloom, posterize, pixelate.

– Blur and Focus – Normal, circle, band.

– Crop – Portrait, landscape, five predefined sizes, custom.

– Rotate – 45 deg, custom, flip horizontaly/verticaly

– Resize – 8 predefined sizes: 240, 320, 480, 640, 800, 960, 1024, 2048 and custom

– Tone and Curve –

– Splash to put the focus on one or several colors

– Draw with fingertips on your images

– Add text to your photos

– Ton of stickers, emoticons, horror masks, frames and hairpieces to enhance your photos and express your mood and creativity

Download Effects Studio


Normally $0.99.

Routina is checklists for the repeated tasks, such as ‘Pay rent’ or ‘Take pills’.
Manage your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly routine things effectively.

– Easy to set up routine things with jog wheel
– Add daily / weekly / monthly / yearly routine things
– Circle view & List view mode
– Ability add more information (Note & Photo)
– Dropbox backup & restore

Thank you for using Routina. Please reach out to with
any issues or suggestions.

** Stay tuned, Routina is getting better!!

Download Routina


Normally $0.99.

– Anger of stick 2nd Story –
Unknown enemies in the city emerge and the hero continues to remove enemies with a variety of weapons, and helicopters and robots that can devastate all enemies at a time.

Special Features:
– Action : You can feel the realistic fighting action with 130 behaviors and Hero air combo action is added that can remove all enemies at one time.
– Weapons: Enemies can be handled lightly by using helicopters and robots in the map, and weapons such as M1911, UZI, Granade Luncher, Spas_12, SG550, Remington_870, Flamethrower, Ray-gun, Mini-gun, Bat, and Sword.
– Map: Cities, deserts and forests are configured in the map and the fighting action inside building is added.

– When enemies come on the both sides, all enemies will be fallen down on seizing and throwing enemies back.
– An infinite combo attack is available with Hero air combo.
– Enemies can be handled by well-using robots and helicopters on the streets.
– To avoid the attacks from guns and robots of enemies, button on the key to move to the left is necessary.

Download AngerOfStick2


Normally $1.99.

Prune: To reduce.

Prune is a beautifully designed fun new iPhone application built to enrich your life. It’s the ultimate habit breaker. With 30 seconds of your time you can set up your objectives and prune them out of your life. Done. It’s that easy.

You add goals (aka habits) that you want to live without for a specific time period. We use the term goal and habit interchangeably.

Promo Video:


Add a goal
This is the default screen when you first launch.
You can add a date in the past if you gave up something a few days ago. Any goal you add starts from today. So even if you gave something up in the past, a goal of 1 day is tomorrow.

Connect to a friend and share each other’s goals. Select the connections button, hit “+” to add a new connection and enter your friend’s code. You can send messages to your friend within the app. You can also delete the connection at any time.

Update the goal name
You can update the goal name by selecting the goal, viewing the item detail screen and swiping to the right. Then select on the goal name to edit it. Goals must be named uniquely and we will not let you save the name if that name is already taken by another goal.

Reset the goal
To reset a goal, swipe to the left in the overview screen. Resetting the goal will restart the goal starting now with the same goal unit and goal count. For example, if you were wanting to stop drinking soda for two days and a day into your goal you had soda, you can reset your goal and now you have another two days to stop drinking soda.

Delete the goal
You can delete a goal by swiping to the left in the overview screen.

Resurrect a goal
Any goal that you had deleted is able to be resurrected. There is an option in the add screen to view all deleted goals. If you choose to resurrect the goal, you will be given the chance to edit the goal before beginning. From the resurrection list, you can presently delete goals should you no longer wish to have them on your device.

Receive a suggestion for a goal.
We provide a few suggestions of habits that you can prune out. These load from an external server and require an Internet connection to receive them. Selecting on a suggested habit will allow the user to edit the goal before beginning.

Share your progress
Facebook – If you have a Facebook account on your device, we use it. Otherwise, we present a web view.
Twitter – Must have a Twitter account associated in the settings of your device
Email – Must have an email account on your device

Support / Help
There are instructions visible after swiping down from the overview screen. This action reveals a “?” which when selected, will give you the ability to contact the company as well as view instructions. After 10 launches of the app, a “Write a review” button will appear here.

You will receive progress notifications on the goal. We will schedule them at four intervals, from goal start date until completion date:

Download Prune

Photo Eraser

Normally $1.99.

Photo Eraser is an easy-to-use image editor to remove unwanted objects from your photo, such as date stamps, watermarks, text, building or anything else.

Easy to get use & started. You only need mark unwanted area by red color, Photo Eraser will make your photo much better in a minute.

Photo Eraser features highlights:
√ Remove watermarks, date stamps, and so on.
√ Delete unwanted people from photo.
√ Erase text, signatures, etc.
√ Make skin imperfections vanish.
√ Completely non-technical.

Download Photo Eraser

Heavy Metal Thunder

Normally $2.99.

A thrilling journey across the darkest regions of space.

The smash-hit choose-your-own-adventure book from acclaimed science fiction writer Kyle B. Stiff becomes an epic gamebook on iPhone and iPad. Set out on a thrilling journey across the darkest regions of space to save the remnants of humanity from invading aliens in a grand saga that puts you in control of the story.


While cut off from your unit, you discover your allies are being tracked down by the alien invaders that have overrun our solar system. Only you can save them.

On your journey you’ll meet the worst that the galaxy has to offer, and it will be up to you to choose how to deal with them. Do you help out those who have given up the fight? Or do you take shortcuts and gun down anyone in your way? As you learn how to fight the invaders you’ll gain new skills, but limited resources will make it impossible to save everyone.

The first part of Kyle B. Stiff’s legendary adventure gamebook series has been brought to life as never before by developer Cubus Games in this official Heavy Metal Thunder game for iOS. Get read for the ride of your life as you become the hero of your very own story.

* A new evolution in the choose-your-own-adventure gamebook genre
* A powerful, yet accessible sci-fi plot, packed with diverse characters
* Rich, branching narrative that offers huge replay value
* Brand new artwork from renowned illustrator Marc Gonzalez
* Full soundtrack with sound effects and a vibrant atmosphere
* The first part of an epic series

Get ready to bring on the thunder.

Undesired performance may occur on iPad1 (or early iPod generations) due to memory issues

Download Heavy Metal Thunder


Normally $4.99.

Universal Photo Editor with support for Layers, Selection, Masks and of course filters, effects and other tools.

(Note that on iPhone 4 the max supported resolution is 2048×2048)

An editor so powerful that you could do almost anything that you thought was possible only on a desktop.

√ True layer support, just like photo editing on desktop.
√ Selection. You can select an area and work with filters and effects only on that area.
√ Layers can be masked. And not just with brush, you get a whole set of mask editing tool.
√ Layers support all that a true layer app should. Blending, Opacity, Transform, Duplicate, Merge and flatten.
√ The app is so fast that most of the operations are real time. You don’t have to wait while adjusting the sliders.
√ Handles Exif, IPTC, Geotag etc. You can even edit Geotag and IPTC.
√ Exports PSD with layers. And of course exports JPEG and PNG too.
√ Copy/Paste with selections and masks.
√ Undo/Redo.
√ Powerful filters you will hardly find on many other apps.
√ 25 preset photo effects.
√ Tools like Crop, Straighten, Clone stamp, color gradient, paint brush, red eye brush and add text etc.
√ You can save your projects with all layers and selections preserved and work on them back and forth.
√ 18 video tutorials.
√ Resolution up to 4096×4096 on iPad3 and above, 3264 for iPad2, iPad Mini and on iPhone max resolution is equal to the resolution of the built-in camera (Except for iPhone 4 where it is 2048×2048)

And yes, it runs on both iPhone and iPad.

Note that reduce noise filter is available only on iPhone 5 and iPad3 and above.

To get maximum resolution you will need to…
1. Go to home screen.
2. Press on the “?” button.
3. Under resolution, select the max.

Download Leonardo

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