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10 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free for a limited time

Updated 4 years ago
Best Free iPhone Apps

Welcome to our biggest list of paid iPhone and iPad apps of the week, featuring 10 solid iOS apps that would normally cost you a combined $23 to download. Right now for a limited time, however, each and every app on this list is completely free. Also of note, there are still a few paid apps on sale for free on yesterday’s list, so be sure to check that post out as well.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $3.99.

Are your smarter than your friends?

Brain’up is the best way to compare your “brain skills” to your friends’!

At Brain’up, we believe that our brain can be trained to grow stronger with effective brain training. Just like all the other muscles of your body.

Brain’up is the easiest and most enjoyable way of keeping your brain sharp in just minutes a day. The Brain’up application includes 8 games and a Dashboard that will help you tracking your results.

Our users have reported the following benefits:
• Improved memory
• Deeper concentration
• Enhanced mood
• Better math skills
• Clearer and quicker thinking

Research around the brain has dramatically progressed over the last 10 years. We are now aware that constant brain training does not only halt brain decay but also significantly improves cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, calculus and speed.

Brain games were found to be effective training exercises and have the added benefit of being fun for the users. At Brain’up, we combine the evidence around brain training into a training program with the aim of increasing the users’ brain capabilities. This is scientific, Brain’up enhance your brain like a gym build up muscles. The brain adjusts to new challenges and, after a short period of training, it starts producing new synapes, the connections between brain neurons.

It just works like magic.

Download Brain’up

Data Usage Enterprise

Normally $1.99.

Data Usage Enterprise is the new generation of controlling your data usage:-
Do you want to create custom plan?
Do you want to see your current hot spot usage?
Do you want to see how money you will pay in different scenarios ?
Do you want to extend your current quota?
Do you want to see all your information that you need in Widget view ?
Do you have a problem for getting data usage in real time?
Do you have a problem with the other apps when restarting your device?
This app is your solution.

Key Features of Data Usage Enterprise:-
1-Real Time tracking for your usage.
2-Track Cellular data usage,Wifi Usage and Current Host spot.
3-Support daily,weekly,monthly and Custom plans.
4-Auto Reset on bill cycle date.
5-Works with all carriers.
6-Extend data plans with different scenarios.
7-Calculate the cost of your current data usages.
8-Dynamic Widget view to control what’s the options that you want to see.
9-Viewing helpful data like IP address (iPv4 &iPv6),Current Wifi SSID and Storage Usage.
10-Viewing sending & Receiving data usage for both Cellular and Wifi.
11-Simple and pure intuitive design and animations.
12-Tap on cellular data usage on widget to change the view.
13-This app didn’t drain your battery.

The features didn’t stop here upcoming version will be with a fabulous options.
Don’t wait and get it now before the new price with upcoming update and get all the new features for free.
This app will not including any in app purchase or ads.

Download Data Usage Enterprise

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Normally $3.99.

Proud to be “App Store’s Best of 2014” in 28 countries!

*IMPORTANT* Modern Combat 5 requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 4s (or newer), or iPod touch 5th Generation. An Internet connection is required to play.

> “It plays as good as it looks.” – IGN
> “Amps everything up to the next level.” – 148Apps
> “Sharp controls, impressive graphics.” – Pocket Gamer

Step into the action as the latest installment in the best FPS series raises the bar for shooters once more! Create a squad, add your friends and test your individual and team skills against other squads!

Is single player your thing? Then step into a world on the brink of anarchy and shoot your way out of one dire situation after another to expose a lunatic who’s trying to tear the world to shreds.

> 4 customizable classes that you can level up across single- and multiplayer
> Find the play style the suits you: Assault, Heavy, Recon, or Sniper
> Activate class-specific skills by earning and spending Skill Points

> Epic team clashes in Squad vs. Squad matches
> Talk to other players in Global and Squad Chat
> Individual and Squad leaderboards
> Win cool rewards in the limited-time events

> Accumulate XP and level up by playing both single-player missions and multiplayer matches
> Unlock higher-tier weapons by mastering lower-tier ones
> Customize the perfect weapon using a host of attachments

> Fast-paced story missions with various challenges taking you from Tokyo to Venice
> Play the new Spec-Ops missions for a real adrenaline rush
> Flawless graphics, music and voice performances with seamlessly integrated cutscenes

> Intuitive, highly customizable controls so you can play just the way you want

Download Modern Combat 5: Blackout

World Clock Widget

Normally $0.99.

World Clock Widget shows the world clock with a single swipe in your Notification Center.

World Clock Widget shows the time anywhere in the world – quick and easy. A must have when you are traveling or are connected with people living in a different time zone.

Being a Widget means that it works directly from the lock screen. You don’t need to unlock your iPhone or iPad to use it.

How to use the World Clock Widget:
• Choose a time zone
• Add the time zone to the Widget
• Swipe down from top of your screen to check the time at the location you choosed

The World Clock Widget is a tool you won’t miss again once you started to use it.

It tells you the time of your business partner, it lets you know if your distant friends finished work or if your family at home is still at sleep.

The World Clock Widget is perfect for world travel, global business and keep in touch with distant relatives, friends and family.

Features of the World Clock Widget:
• Accurate and reliable time keeping, perfectly synced with your iOS device
• Hundreds of cities from all over the world to choose from
• Covers any time zone in the world
• Automatic Adjusting to DST – DayLight Saving Time
• Free naming of the various clocks
• 12h or 24h format – set it how you like it
• Sort the order you want the clocks to show
• No unlocking necessary, a single swipe shows the world time

The world clock Widget is one of the rare occasions where the easy way is better.
It saves time and delivers exactly the information you wanted in a single swipe.

What are you waiting for … stop waking up your distant friends everytime you are calling them and get the World Clock Widget now!

Download World Clock Widget

CloudPlayer Pro

Normally $3.99.

Player of your audio files from clouds.
This is a full version of player with all features enabled.

– Dropbox
– Yandex.Drive
– Google Drive
– OneDrive
– Box

– streaming and offline playing;
– playing all common music formats, like mp3 and wav;
– playing files in folder one by one;
– file repeat;
– files shuffle.

Download CloudPlayer Pro

Geekbench 3

Normally $0.99.

Geekbench 3 is now optimized for iOS 8 and includes full support for 64-bit processors.

Geekbench provides a comprehensive set of benchmarks engineered to quickly and accurately measure processor and memory performance. Designed to make benchmarks easy to run and easy to understand, Geekbench takes the guesswork out of producing robust and reliable benchmark results.

Download Geekbench 3

Pomodoro Time

Normally $1.99.

Pomodoro Time is a powerful personal productivity tool incorporating the principles of the Pomodoro Technique*. Create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period. Use either your iPhone, iPad or Mac – your devices always stay in sync.

Key features:
– Manage your tasks
– Track your progress throughout the day, week or custom period
– Fast and easy goal tracking
– Customize to maximize productivity:
• Pomodoro duration
• Short break duration
• Long break duration
• Number of pomodoros between long breaks
• Target number of pomodoros per day
– Possibility to start/pause/skip the current pomodoro
– Original ticking sound (optional)
– Custom alarm sound or vibration
– Alarms sound even if the app is in the background
– Interactive notifications
– Widget in the Notification Center
– Full synchronization between iPad, iPhone and Mac
– One universal app for iPhone and iPad
– Mac version is also available

* Pomodoro Technique™ offers a systematic approach to getting things done and helps achieve set goals faster and more efficiently. The basic five steps of the Pomodoro Technique™ are:
– Define the tasks that you’ll be working on
– Set the pomodoro timer to X minutes (25 minutes by default)
– Start working and continue until the timer rings
– Take a short break
– After four pomodoro alarms, take a longer break (15 to 30 minutes as a rule)

Download Pomodoro Time


Normally $0.99.

Never miss a place.
Import, discover and organize all places you want to go. Tripbox leverage the power of Facebook platform, you can
– Search place through Facebook API and add into tripbox.
– Automatically import places you liked from Facebook.
– iCloud Support
– Group, you can group places to a list.
– Check nearby places where you are interested.

Download Tripbox

Camera Pro Studio Editor

Normally $1.99.

Turn regular photos to Professional photos! Get all effects, frames and filters (FREE)!
◆◇◆ Features ◆◇◆
• Made with experts
• Full application!
• 150 Amazing effects!
• 50 Picture Frames!
• Super Edit
• Rotate
• Save to your Album
• Move and Scale
• Super easy, like 1-2-3.
• Use editing options such as crop, rotate, brightness, sharpness to fix your photos.
• Add marvelous frames to your mobile photos
• Add stickers

Let your inner Artist free, create unlimited photo effects and share your vision with the world -The only app that lets you share to your Instagram account!

By pressing one button you can turn your photos into a retro, space, Magazine model photos or a picture drawn by a pencil or paints, or done in a Modern Art style.

Alternatively, you can simply add a pretty frame from our large collection (FREE). Or whatever else you might desire – the choice is practically unlimited!

Here is just a short list of some effects contained in the application: Sepia, Black and White, Pencil Paint, Swirl, Neon Light, Hue Green, Rainbow, Emboss, Comic Ice, Blur, Pinch, Wave, Old Film Frame, Solarize, Old Photo, Oil painting, and there are many many more!

What’s the sense of buying numerous different applications containing only a small number of effects, if you can download one application, which currently features 150 filters and effects!, Professional photo edit, Large collection of frames, You will surely find those which are most suitable for your needs.

Download Camera Pro Studio Editor

Contacts Pro

Normally $1.99.

This app will help bring order to your address book!
Whether you use iCloud, Exchange or Google contacts, “Contacts” app will allow you efficiently manage your address book.

• quickly find the contacts you need
• save your own contact groups
• instantly send group messages & email
• remove duplicate contacts
• filter contacts by any conditions
• clean the address book from unnecessary contacts
• backup and restore contacts on your iOS device without a computer or synchronization

• quick search
• favorite contacts
• quick access to your own contact
• create, modify, delete, and batch delete contacts, groups and filters
• export contacts to vcard by mail, message or via iTunes File Sharing

Download Contacts Pro

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