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9 best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free today

Best Free iPhone Apps

If the eight iOS apps in yesterday’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free weren’t enough for you, don’t worry — we’re back with another nine apps in today’s post. We’ve got a solid collection of apps on today’s list, including a few well-rated games that you’ll definitely enjoy. There are still a bunch of freebies in yesterday’s post though, so be sure to go back and grab them if you haven’t already.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $1.99.

Do what most successful people do! Make journaling to a habit. You can start right away with our tried and tested standard categories from Hal Elrod, Peter Voogd and Alex Ikonn, all of them successful entrepreneurs.

If you want to create your own daily, weekly or monthly journal questions, the category designer allows you to create your individual journal in three simple steps.

Journaling has never been easier. Start today, it’s free.

One more thing! The Journalizer is also good for goal-setting and checklists.

Download Journalizer

Spot Light Camera 360 Plus

Normally $2.99.

Spot Light Camera professional light leak camera offers a choice of 496 different types, lets you express even the most subtle mood on your photos,bringing the look and feel of a professional photographer, that let you see the world in a classic way.

Professional light leak camera themselves are very nice and natural looking. Most are not an intense burn, but have pleasing range of warm hues and more subtle, natural light distortions, Spot Light Camera professional light leak camera is designed to be the perfect camera for your iPhone or iPad.

A light leak is a hole or gap in the body of a camera where light is able to leak into the normally light-tight chamber, exposing the film or sensor with extra light, light leak happens when light leaks into the camera causing the film to overexpose, this flaw can add an artistic touch to your photo.

Download Spot Light Camera 360 Plus

NoteLedge Ultimate

Normally $1.99.

Summer Flash Deal! NoteLedge Ultimate is FREE for the first time ever! Offer won’t last long, act now!

* A brand new version of NoteLedge is now providing you with more powerful features
* NoteLedge Ultimate is now a universal app! Download NoteLedge Ultimate once and use it in your iPhone and iPad!

NoteLedge Ultimate is an all-in-one multimedia note-taking app that gives you everything you need to take notes and organize mixed-media content. This app comes with versatile editing tools for you to type, write, draw, insert photos, create tables, record audio and video, clip website contents and personalize your notes with stickers, papers and covers. With the powerful file manager, you can add notes to your iOS or Google Calendar, share via email or social media, and back up and sync across all your devices.

Keep everything organized in one place and get creative with your notes. NoteLedge Ultimate is the only app you need for note-taking, journal writing, sketching, scrapbooking, and documentation.

NoteLedge is the perfect tool for:
• teachers to document students’ learning journey, such as language learning and interactive activities, etc.
• students to take notes in class, collect ideas, and make cheat sheets.
• artists and designers to sketch ideas and record the artistic process.
• business people to enhance communication through visual notes and sketchnotes.
• travelers to plan trips, write travel journals and make urban sketches.
• foodies to make personal cookbooks, food journals or hand drawn recipes.
• architects to create architectural drawings, add onsite photos or videos, and make presentations to clients.
• creative individuals to keep daily journals, make scrapbooks and record amazing moments in life.

••••• KEY FEATURES •••••
+ Type up notes with adjustable fonts, colors and sizes
+ Sketch out your ideas with 10 essential preset brushes
+ Draw shapes with the Smart Pen
+ Insert photos, audio and video in your notes
+ Take notes and record audio simultaneously

+ Clip online content with the built-in browser (iPad only)
+ Organize information with the table tools (iPad only)

+ Set up background with classic papers or your own photos (iPad only)
+ Customize with stylish covers or your own photos (iPad only)
+ Get creative with hundreds of stickers

+ Export notes in PDF format with multimedia embedded
+ Add notes to your iOS or Google Calendar in PDF format
+ Share your notes via email, AirDrop and social media
+ Sync and access notes across iOS, Mac and Windows 8 with Kdan Cloud
+ Backup to Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, FTP and WebDAV
+ Password protection

+ Support pressure sensitivity and shortcut buttons with Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint

Download NoteLedge Ultimate

Super Secret Service

Normally $0.99.

Dive in front of speeding projectiles and save The President!

8/10 “If you’re looking for a new quick-fire arcade blast, this one comes highly recommended.” – Pocket Gamer

Best Game of the Day – 11/11/2014 – TheAppInsider

“Super Secret Service is an unexpected treat” – Destructoid

“I love these agents…. So amazingly well animated…. They look absolutely fantastic.” – Appyspy

“Simple and pleasant — you need just a few seconds to learn all the rules; the rest is pure fun!” AntyApps



Congratulations, and welcome to your first day on the job. By now you probably already know how important the task at hand is: You’ve gotta save me, The President!

After your years of rigorous training you’re surely a finely tuned jumping machine, ready to dive in front of any and all projectiles which might be flung my way. I’m sure you’ve seen it in the movies a thousand times: A secret service agent dives and blocks a bullet with their body at exactly the right moment. Well this isn’t the movies kid, but that’s EXACTLY how it works.

Now these gutter punks aren’t your run of the mill troublemakers. My intel says they’ve got all manner of creative weaponry at their disposal, so you better be ready for anything, because my intel is never wrong. I can’t promise you will make it out alive, but know that you, along with all the agents risking their lives, are doing the most important thing imaginable: Saving me.

I’m counting on you!


The President

How to play:
* Block the projectiles from hitting The President!
* Tap the left side of the screen to make the left agent jump
* Tap the right side of the screen to make the right agent jump
* The speed gets intense as you go, so stay on your toes!
* Stop those shoes, tomatoes, pies, balls, and guns!
* Watch out for Paper Airplanes and Boomerangs, they’re tricky!
* Block a Golden Present with your body to bring up a near-shatterproof shield!
* Exclamation!
* Retry right away if you fail your mission!
* Check your stats against your friends in the leaderboards!
* No ads, no in-app purchases, no tricks!
* Think you got what it takes to make all 10,000 agents save The President?
* Have fun, Agent!

*A deceptively simple mechanic, perfect for short burst play.
*The game exudes a playful personality through its amazing pixel art.
*Catchy chiptune score straight from the SNES era.
*Leaderboards and achievements cataloging 10,000 possible agent combinations and more!

Super Secret Service, created by:
Austin Ivansmith (DuckTales Remastered, Mighty Switch Force) – Design/Programming
Johan Vinet (Adventure Time ETDBIDK, Halfway, Extreme Exorcism) – Art/Animation
flashygoodness (Tower of Heaven, Sealark) – Music/SFX

Download Super Secret Service


Normally $0.99.

Take a trip back to the eighties with Retrosette, the truly realistic Walkman for your iPhone. Relive those heady times when cassette tapes, headphones and personal stereos were big, heavy and ultra cool.

Inspired by the TPS-L2 Walkman, the first and best personal cassette player, this app will make you proud to be a child of the eighties. If you weren’t then this is the next best thing.

Retrosette includes realistic graphics and animation with accurately depicted images of the TPS-L2 to really create that eighties vibe. Simply tap the screen to show current playing music information and music controls. Simply tap again to hide.

More tape designs and features are to follow in the coming weeks.

Turn your iPhone into the coolest Walkman ever with Retrosette.

Download Retrosette

my alien voice

Normally $0.99.

Ever wanted to sound like an alien? ‘my alien voice’ changes your voice into creepy or funny alien sounds. Choose one of the presets and begin changing your voice. Surprise your friends by sharing your alien voice.

Available output formats for sharing are aif, wav and caf. File formats can be changed in the Application Preferences.

Download my alien voice

WiFi Device Scanner

Normally $3.99.

WiFi Scanner scans your network to report all connected devices.

Use it to detect all connected devices in your WiFi network.

Download WiFi Device Scanner

Decluster: Into the Bullet Hell

Normally $2.99.

Simple controls and simple graphics.
A mass of bullets and enemies.
All you need is just to dodge and to fire.

Enjoy your bullet-hell life.
### Try the lite edition, first. ###

# iPhone 5 or later
# iPad Air or later
.Decluster (dot decluster) is a vertically scrolling 2D shooter game (shmup). The controls you need are just two. To move your ship and to fire the homing laser. Because it is designed for mobile devices, you can control easily on the iPhone / iPad.

Slide your finger anywhere on the screen to move your ship. The relative touch movement is adopted. And tap second finger to fire the homing laser. Basic shots are automatic.

The homing laser is powerful activity and is also a key to surviving. The homing laser requires the gauge of it at least 1 Lv. The moment the homing laser was fired, bullets around your ship are canceled and get cancel bonuses. This is so important. Don’t forget it.

The player’s unhitting box is very small. It is displayed as a white rectangle in the center of the ship. And when a lot of bullets appear, the game-speed gets slowdown. Therefor you can keep surviving more than meets the eye.

Four different difficulties. From beginner to expert. The novice difficulty has some benefits from the start. Extra options and extra lives. If you are beginner fun of shooter, the novice difficulty is a good choice.

In the settings, you can adjust the size of game view and you can also adjust the touch sensitivity for slide control. If it is hard to see the screen because of your finger, or you have incongruous with the slide control, then try to adjust them.

From version 2.0.1, the boss battle mode was added.

Download Decluster: Into the Bullet Hell


Normally $0.99.

You can merge photos with JointImages.
(Unlimited photos can be merged at once)

Just pick photos you want to merge. Merged result will be appeared right away on the screen.
Adding, deleting and reordering photos can be done in a very easy and intuitive way. Press and hold to edit photos.

Merged photo will be saved in your photo library and you can also share with Email, Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

When you save in your photo library, it’ll be saved in a best fit size.

Download JointImages

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