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9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time

Updated 4 years ago
Published Nov 10th, 2015 11:00AM EST
Best Free iPhone Apps

Monday’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was a great one, but today’s list is even better. It’s not just that we have nine apps for Tuesday compared to eight yesterday, it’s that we have a wide range of options for you that span all kinds of categories. Of course, there are still some great freebies in yesterday’s post, so be sure to check them out.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Work Time

Normally $1.99.

The best desktop clock!

Don’t leave your iPhone asleep on your desk, put it to good use. Plug it in and use this App. Not just a clock, Work Time is your second screen. The time, date, calendar, your schedule of upcoming events, and current weather conditions all at a glance.

Insanely simple to use. Elegant in its execution. Incredibly useful.

Weather and short term forecast powered by from the team that made the “DARK SKY” app. Never get caught off guard by the rain again.

– All new for iOS 7.
– Large easy to read clock.
– Current month and date.
– Scrollable list of all your upcoming events.
– Tap on event to edit and delete.
– Tap on small + to add new events.
– Current weather and short term forecast. (powered by
– Never get bored with over 10 different styles and colors to choose.
– Dock it any way you want, it supports landscape and portrait orientation.
– iPhone 5 optimized.

I wanted this app but could not find its equivalent in the app store, so I made it for myself. Now I use it every day at work. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.


Translated into over 30 languages. Including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Swedish, Thai, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Hungarian, Hebrew, and more.

Download Work Time


Normally $2.99.

INSTANT- Track All Your Activities Automatically

Your life on a dashboard! Now you can track the daily usage of your device, fitness time, places and travel with Instant.

Instant automatically tracks your daily activities:
• How much time you spent on your phone & how many times you checked it
• How much you walk, run and travel
• Track the time you spend at places
• Additionally reminders can be set according to your daily device usage limit

Instant is the World’s leading Quantified Self & Lifelogging app. Instant journals your entire day automatically. For more information visit us on:
Award winning app, as seen on Techcrunch, Product Hunt, Gizmodo, Phone Arena and Huffington Post.

Passcode is needed to track device usage. Fitness tracking is only supported for iPhone 5S and onwards. Location permission is needed to run in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Designed and developed by Emberify.

Download Instant


Normally $1.99.

“Initially simple it quickly descends into obsessive, head-scratching territory; your brain will thank you.”
– GamesWithPurpose

“…the kind of brain-training that Nintendo’s Floating-Japanese-Doctor-Head-Guy would approve of.”
– JayIsGames

“Some of the best puzzle games excel because they use simple mechanics to give players the tools and space to hang themselves if they aren’t careful. That’s exactly what 10 does…”

“Challenging gameplay with a simple premise, this game is fantastic and one of the best puzzles in the App Store.”
– App Store review

“Brilliant puzzles, one and all. The mechanics are so simple, but each puzzle feels very, very different. From tiny little puzzles to massive spreads, to puzzles where every move counts to those where you can really invent your own solution. A must have.”
– App Store review

“So simple yet so clever… Great math training for the little ones too.”
– App Store review


10 is a puzzle game made of numbers.

Download 10

On Track

Normally $6.99.

Is your project going off the rails? Get ON TRACK now!

Don’t lose or forget important project information and details while you’re away from the office; ON TRACK captures your project tasks, issue, risks and meetings when they arise.

Capture project information on your iPhone not in a multitude of notebooks and pieces of paper; ON TRACK gives you the facility to manage your project information effectively.

Have you ever forgotten to check or update critical project issue and risks; ON TRACK prompts you to review your important project tasks, issue, and risks at times that you specifiy.

Do you find you’re too busy to share project information; ON TRACK can export and print any or all the details of the project so you can quickly keep team members informed.

Project status takes time for you to determine; ON TRACK provides visual status dashboards for tasks, issues, and risks.

You are not using best practise project management methods; ON TRACK provides a framework so that you can utilise best practise in an easy to use way.
ON TRACK has many other features that will assist in the effective management of any type of project. The usual details of the project elements such as tasks, issues, and risks can be captured; these provide you with a detailed status and reporting capability to succesfully manage any project.

Download On Track

Warlords Classic

Normally $5.99.

••• 7 maps: Illuria, Krilantis, Erythea, Isladia, Reldaria, Hadesha and Arthurian Britain •••
••• Multiplayer via Game Center is available now •••
••• Now supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch •••

Warlords Classic is an official port of the fabulous game you have been playing in your childhood on PC, Mac or Amiga computers. Now it’s available on your iPad! Enjoy old-school graphics, old-time map and factions! Recall great memories!

Join us on FaceBook:

Join the war to conquer Illuria in this classic fantasy strategy game. Choose any combination of up to eight humans and AI players to be battled for control on the map.

The mission is simple – you should eliminate the other sides by capturing their cities. But victory is never easy – it can only be achieved by building massive armies, training and equipping mighty heroes, befriending legendary allies, and exploring the deep dark secrets hidden within Illuria’s ruins.

So make your choice! Will you lead the Sirian Knights, the Gray Dwarves, the Storm Giants, the Orcs of Kor, the Elves of Elvallie, the Horse Lords, the mysterious Selentine Empire or the evil Lord Bane? Whomever you choose, fortune and glory await you!

Detailed User Manual is included. We strongly recommend you to read it through carefully to refresh your memories and know about a few differences between this version and original game.


Q: How do I save or load the game?
A: Warlords Classic saves the current game automatically on start and end of turn, before and after the battle, on ruin search etc… So, you cannot use “save-load magic”. This is what we call “fair play”.

Q: Only “hot seat” play? Is multiplayer coming?
A: Yes. We are going to implement the multiplayer mode via Game Center in next updates. Now you can train your command skills against 3 levels of AI.

Q: Where are “Fog of War” and “Hero Quests” features?
A: Since Warlords Classic is a Warlords 1 port and these features were introduced in Warlords II, they are not implemented in our version. We are not yet sure if we will ever implement them. Sorry.

Q: Any other differences from the game I love for tenth of years?
A: Yes, only a few. We have replaced libraries with tombs; you will always find money in tombs, and your hero will never die searching tombs. No diplomacy available, but we will implement it. Sirians faction has +1 bonus on plain, roads and bridges, because we all agree, Sirians definitely need some support.

Download Warlords Classic


Normally $1.99.

SettleApp helps you to keep track of your shared expenses. It is designed for instant recording of who paid for what and thanks to intelligent algorithms, you immediately know how to comfortably settle up all the debts in the easiest way possible. With SettleApp you never have to worry about who owes whom and how much.

Typical use case:
Let’s say you are on a trip with your friends for a couple of days. You can’t avoid paying for many things like gas, tickets, food and so on. While everyone should participate equally on the payments, only one person is paying most of the time. At the end of the trip, it gets incredibly difficult to work out who owes whom manually. This is where SettleApp comes in handy. Enter your expenses and SettleApp immediately calculates and fairly divides the expenses between all the participants. Now you will never lose track of how much each person owes to the others!

You can also use it to track expenses and debts with your significant others, roommates, colleagues, schoolmates or anyone you ever bought something for or lent your money to.

Feature overview:
– Intuitive interface and stylish design
– Extremely simple and quick entry of transactions
– Overview of who owes whom and how much
– Intelligent algorithm that calculates the easiest way how to settle up
– Complete history of all your payments
– iPhone contacts integration
– No sign up required
– No internet connection required
– All your data stay on your device

Download SettleApp


Normally $0.99.

FieldNote is a notebook with Graph Paper which have extensive applications.

It is easy to use, being that it has only one simple function which to meet your needs with minimum fuss.

We are assuming that you are using the basic Stylized Pen.

・ You can carry out all operations by just holding the pen.

・ You can make your entries with the same precision as on the paper of your

You can only select one kind of design for the paper.
However, you can freely set the color of the ruled lines.

For use as the notebook for your studies
・You can carry out all operations by simply holding a pen, so it is great for
“blackboard writing or demonstration” during class.

・You can keep notes that will leave a better impression than what you write,
using a magic marker.
You can locate with great ease the page that you need from your notes by simply giving a title to each page of your notes.
For business use
・It is great for keeping the proceedings of meetings with “smooth operability”.

・It is most appropriate for formulating your plans with the freedom of
expression like writing them out manually.
Other uses
・Great for taking notes on your reading, keeping your diary, writing memoranda, etc. It is more convenient than using paper notebooks.

Download FieldNote


Normally $0.99.

Weekender is a calendar app that shows your upcoming weekends at a glance. Easily spot empty weekends early on so you can plan trips or events with friends and family, and make the most of your weekends :)

* Seamlessly displays the events from your existing iOS calendars
* Ability to display selected calendars
* Option to also show Friday evenings with a user selectable cut-off time
* In-app purchase to define your own Holidays and Vacation days that are shown along your weekends

This app is all about your weekends :) Big things happen on weekends, so why let yourself be distracted with workdays in your calendar!

On first launch, Weekender will ask you for permission to access your calendar in order to display your weekend events.

Download Weekender


Normally $7.99.

Going big doesn’t matter if you don’t know how big you went. Record and show off the stats from your days skiing and snowboarding with Slopes.

“This is hands down the best ski/snowboard track recording app there is.” – David

Slopes is the perfect companion app for skiers and snowboarders, designed and built by an avid snowboarder. Record your days hunting fresh powder, then when you’re done check your stats and even interact with your runs in 3d.
Smart Recording
• Runs and lifts are automatically detected as you ride
• Battery friendly – ride hard and record all day
• Track calories burned by enabling fitness tracking and HealthKit integration
• Works deep in the backcountry without cell reception
• Live stats on your phone and your Watch

The Best Recaps
• Unique timeline view of your day with interactive map
• Stat breakdowns for each run and lift you took
• Replay your runs in 3d with speed heat maps
• Track your season totals and lifetime vertical
• Attach photos and notes to your activities

Show Off Your Activities
• Share your day’s stats with an awesome 3d map of your day on Facebook and Twitter
• Export your day’s activities to Google Earth back on your computer

Import Old Activities
• Import past activities from GPX files, KMZ files, or directly from files saved by the Ski Tracks app
• Use iTunes File Sharing to bring in multiple activities all at once

Exclusive Benefits for Season Pass Holders (in-app subscription)
• Unlimited run & lift stat breakdowns
• Detailed terrain maps on the run & lift breakdowns
• Live run-by-run breakdown of stats while recording

Download Slopes

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