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9 paid iPhone and iPad apps that are free downloads for a limited time

Best Free iPhone Apps

Today’s lists of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free is a particularly good one, which is great because yesterday’s post is a tough act to follow. There were some really nifty paid iOS apps on sale for free on Wednesday — and some of them are still free downloads if you hurry — but we would go as far as to say that today’s list is even better.

Of course, you’d better hurry if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these great sales.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

ProCam 2

Normally $2.99.


– Screenshot 1: Photo by ProCam user Hossein Nasirii – IG @hossein.nasirii
– Screenshot 2: Photo by ProCam user Alex Sanchez – IG @megatrawn_
– Screenshot 3: Photo by ProCam user Angel Russo – IG @aebex.ny
– Screenshot 4: Photo by ProCam user Christopher Olstein – IG @filterdelphia



– Single Shot
– Night Mode
– Anti-Shake
– Burst Mode
– Self-Timer
– Interval
– Sound Snap
– Face Detection
– Big Button
– Level Mode – iPhone 4S and later only
– Video
– 4K Ultra HD video – 3264×1836 upscaled to 3840×2160 – in-app purchase – iPhone 5S and later only
– Level Video – iPhone 4S and later only
– Slow Motion – iPhone 5 and later only
– Time Lapse


– Manual focus, exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO, and white balance controls – iOS 8 and later only
– Full focus and exposure control (touch focus / touch exposure)
– Focus, exposure and white balance (WB) lock
– 60 expertly crafted live filters – iPhone 4S and later only
– 17 live lenses: Vignette / White Vignette / Fisheye / Tilt Shift / Macro / Tiny Planet / Wormhole / Split / Kaleidoscope I, II, III, IV, V / Ripple / Striped / Hatched / Halftone – iPhone 4S and later only
– Adjustable photo resolution (Full / High / Medium / Low)
– Adjustable aspect ratio (4:3 / 3:2 / 16:9 / 1:1)
– Adjustable JPEG compression quality (100% / 90% / 80%)
– Lossless TIFF format – iPhone 4S and later only
– Night Mode (1/8 sec / 1/4 sec / 1/2 sec / 1 sec)
– Video pause/resume functionality
– Adjustable video resolution (Full HD: 1080p / HD:720p / VGA: 640×480 / Low:480×360)
– Adjustable video frame rate (30 fps / 24 fps / 15 fps / 5 fps)
– User defined video frame rate (1-30 fps)
– Still photo capture during video recording
– Realtime video stabilization (ON/OFF)
– Video disk space counter
– Time lapse video resolution (Full HD: 1080p / HD:720p / VGA: 640×480 / Low:480×360)
– True slow motion video mode with 4 playback speeds (Max fps / 30 fps / 24 fps / 15 fps)
– 6x digital photo / video zoom
– Video audio meter (Avg. / Peak signal levels)
– Geo location tagging
– Alignment grids (Thirds / Trisec / Golden / Horizon)
– Front / Back camera support
– Photo date / time / location / Copyright stamp
– Video / time lapse date / location / Copyright stamp
– Time lapse audio track from iTunes music library
– Flash settings (Auto / On / Off / Torch)
– Front camera flash
– Today Widget allowing quick launch from Notification Center


– Nondestructive editing – all edits, including cropping, are completely amendable / reversible
– 60 expertly crafted filters
– 17 lenses: Vignette / White Vignette / Fisheye / Tilt Shift / Macro / Tiny Planet / Wormhole / Split / Kaleidoscope I, II, III, IV, V / Ripple / Striped / Hatched / Halftone
– 19 comprehensive adjustment tools
– Trimming, cropping, rotating, mirroring, straightening, and perspective correction
– Extremely accurate timeline with the ability to review videos frame by frame
– Ability to add background music
– Volume control for both original recording and background music
– Ability to extract still frames from of videos
– High resolution video support up to 4K (3840×2160)
– iPhone 4S and later only

Download ProCam 2


Normally $2.99.

InstantSave is the only app in App Store that can help you to save unlimited number of photos and videos from Instagram and Vine.

InstantSave is the app for those who wish not only to view cool photos and videos of Instagram and Vine, but also want to save them to the albums of their devices. Easy and user-friendly interface is designed so that you won’t have any questions or difficulties when using the app and will switch between services with just one touch.


InstantSave for Instagram:

•Save Instagram photos
•Save Instagram videos
•Multisave feature
•Search for users
•Search for photos by tags
•“Popular” section

InstantSave for Vine:

•Save Vine videos
•Search for users
•Search for videos by tags
•“Popular” section
InstantSave app can be run on any iOS device with iOS 5 and higher. You don’t need to create new accounts, just use log in credentials of the existing Instagram and Vine accounts.

Download InstantSave

Simpler Contacts Pro

Normally $2.99.

* Over 1,500,000 people love Simpler :)

Your address book is a mess?
Simpler will fix it in few seconds!

○ Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap!
○ Powerful Search
○ Save your own contact groups
○ Instantly send group text & email
○ One tap to backup your contacts!
○ Quickly find the contacts you need

Simpler is a completely redesigned contacts app that makes your address book light, smart and user friendly.

○ Merge all duplicate contacts with one tap!
○ Find & merge contacts with similar names.
○ Find & Merge contacts with duplicate phone or email.

○ Remove contacts without name
○ Remove contacts without phone & email

○ One tap to backup your contacts!
○ Quickly export your backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, Email
○ Move contacts between accounts (Exchange, iCloud, Local Address Book)

○ Save your own contact groups
○ Instantly send group text & email

○ Beautiful dialer to call and add new contacts
○ T9 Dialer – quickly search by name & numbers
○ Quickly find the contacts you need

○ Simply choose your Favorite contacts
○ One tap to: Voice Call / Text / FaceTime / Email

○ Quickly find the contacts you need
○ Filter contacts by Company & Job title
○ Filter contacts by upcoming birthday & creation date

English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português (Br.), 中文 (Simplified), 中文 (Traditional), 日本語, 한국어, Nederlands, Русский, Türkçe, العربية, עברית

Whether you use iCloud, Exchange or Google contacts, Simpler is a whole new experience for everyone who needs to get most out of their contacts!

Download Simpler Contacts Pro


Normally $0.99.

Market is the perfect stock market app for iPhone. View real-time quotes with a beautiful, minimal design.

“Market is the perfect stocks app for any minimalist that still wants to keep up on the stock value.” – Aiden McGinnis, MaksDawg


– Real-time Price Updating: Stay up-to-date with the latest stock prices. No longer must you manually refresh or re-open an app. With Market, the prices are update automatically.

– After-Hours Stock Prices: Find out stock prices, even after the stock market closes, and continue to experience real time price updates

– Displays Company Name, Stock Price, Point and Percent change, Daily Low, and Daily High

– Beautiful Design: Market is by far the most beautiful stock market app there is. The background seamlessly blends in with iPhone. It displays first and foremost the stock price in big, crisp numbers. There is minimal, yet sufficient info on screen, all organized in a beautiful manner. Crisp, clear, and clean text makes Market that much better

– Easy To Navigate: Market has a super easy UI. To view different stocks in your list, all you have to do is swipe left or right. To view your stock list, all you have to do is tap the back button. From there, you can re-order, add, or delete stocks.

– Today Widget: Quickly check prices by simply activating the Notification Centre. There, you can quickly glance at stock information via Market’s Widget. You can check Market Cap, Company Symbol, stock price, and percentage increase or decrease, all displayed in a beautiful stock ticker.

– Support for Apple Watch: Now you never have to leave Market. Quickly glance at Apple Watch to see how your favourite stocks are doing, with a clear indication if a stock has gone up or down.

Download Market

Web Phantom

Normally $1.99.

Web Phantom is a highly advanced web browser. Using new input and design techniques.With simplicity on every level it’s modern design follows the laws of simplicity, and beauty. Web Phantom keeps no web history, while keeping security and design together. With a customizable interface, there is a color for everyone. The app is optimized for security and privacy, to clear out all the apps saved data just double tap the home button, and swipe up to close Web Phantom.

Download Web Phantom


Normally $0.99.

Shake for a flashlight and swipe for a compass. Shake! is your friendly outdoor companion that displays the following weather data for your current location.

• Temperature, humidity, and pressure
• Low and high temperature for the day
• Wind speed and direction
• Moon phases
• Time for next sunrise or sunset
• Exact remaining battery level
• Free with no ads
• Now works with your iPad by changing your screen’s brightness!

Weather data for Shake! is provided by

Download Shake


Normally $1.99.


Pasteasy (read: “Paste-easy”) is a productivity app that simplifies and speeds up your daily workflow, saving you valuable time. It enables you to privately share the clipboard between your devices, so you can simply copy and paste to easily move content.

Use it to copy text snippets, photos, links, screenshots and files (coming soon). For example:
● Compose a message on your computer and paste it to your iPhone to send.
● Easily copy photos from the iPhone album to your computer. Transfer multiple photos in one shot.
● Take screenshots on your computer or iPhone and watch them automagically appear on the connected device.
● Take live camera shots on your iPhone and quickly preview them on the computer in real-time.
● Copy a URL on your iPhone and Pasteasy can automatically open and load the webpage on your computer.

The possibilities are endless!

Whether you are a texting enthusiast, photo lover, graphic designer, mobile developer, student, housewife, businessman, writer, life hacker, or anyone who works with more than one device, you will find Pasteasy indispensable in your daily life.


Use native copy and paste actions. Pasteasy syncs the clipboard instantaneously in the background — no extra taps. You don’t need to interact with Pasteasy other than for connecting the devices. Save valuable time.

Encrypted over local WiFi for speed. No more waiting. It even works without WiFi, over personal hotspot.

Scan barcode to connect to one or more devices, yours or friend’s. You don’t need an email address, a phone number, a shared link, a friend request or anything to share photos with them.

Save copied items in one place. You can browse, re-copy, preview, share or delete them.

Copy across iPhone, iPad & computer.

Tip: Please enable Bluetooth on connected devices to keep Pasteasy running in the background (works when connected to Mac OS X 10.9+ or iOS 7+ devices supporting Bluetooth LE). If Bluetooth is not enabled, the app shall automatically go to sleep after 3 minutes when in background.

Pasteasy is free for computer. Download it from

Download Pasteasy

Fleksy Keyboard

Normally $0.99.

Fleksy is the most fun, customizable way to type, and officially the fastest keyboard in the world. Fleksy is the only keyboard that allows you to find and send GIFs, and customize your keyboard with powerful Extensions and colorful themes.

Use Fleksy Extensions like: GIFs, Hotkeys, Number Row, Cursor Control, One-Handed Typing, Imoji Stickers, Rainbow Key Pops and more

• “This is much better than your standard input methods and predictive text engines.” – TechCrunch

Use Fleksy Extensions to customize your keyboard with incredibly powerful features. Have more fun with the ONLY Keyboard with GIF support and great autocorrect. Control your cursor from the spacebar with Cursor Control. Make Fleksy easier to reach on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with One-Handed Typing. Or, customize Fleksy with an easy-access Number Row or keys of your choice. Fleksy gives you 3 slots FREE, so you can mix, match, and try all 7!

Fleksy keyboard uses next-generation autocorrect so accurate you can type without even looking, and type with record-setting speed using intuitive gestures! Type faster and save more time for the things you love.

Show your style on Fleksy’s beautiful keyboard with over 35 free and purchasable colorful themes. Check out fan favorites like the Chameleon Theme that matches the color of the app you are in, the Frozen and Hunger Games themes, and our snazzy animated themes.

Express yourself with GIFs, over 800 Emoji, 35+ themes, and Rainbow Key Pops. Then, earn fun Badges and rewards for using Fleksy! Who said typing had to be boring?

With just a swipe of your finger, easily add punctuation, space, delete words, and much more. Easy. Intuitive. Fast.

• The only keyboard with custom Extensions. No keyboard is more customizable.
• The only keyboard that holds a world record for typing speed. No keyboard is faster.
• The best keyboard to find and send GIFs while typing. No keyboard is more fun.
• The most beautiful design, custom themes, and sizes. No keyboard is more beautiful.


Seamlessly switch between languages while typing. Fleksy supports over 40 languages including:

• English (US)
• Albanian
• Arabic
• Bulgarian
• Catalan (Spain)
• Croatian
• Czech
• Danish
• Dutch
• English (AUS)
• English (CA)
• English (UK)
• Estonian
• Finnish
• French (CA)
• French (FR)
• German
• Greek
• Hebrew
• Hungarian
• Italian
• Latvian
• Lithuanian
• Macedonian
• Malay
• Norwegian
• Polish
• Portuguese (BR)
• Portuguese (PT)
• Romanian
• Russian
• Serbian
• Slovak
• Slovenian
• Spanish (Latin America)
• Spanish (ES)
• Spanish (US)
• Swedish
• Tagalog
• Turkish
• Ukrainian

Download Fleksy Keyboard

Dark Parables

Normally $2.99 for iPhone, $6.99 for iPad.

Play as the fabled detective in this Collector’s Edition and continue the legacy of previous games in the Dark Parables series!

They are a company of orphaned women who protect their land from the Mist Wolves and their evil Queen. The sisters have been kidnapped and you must save them!

Use the Integrated strategy guide and experience an additional chapter to the story in the bonus gameplay!

Investigate the town and over 40 other exquisite locations to find out what the driving force is behind these continued attacks!

The nefarious Wolf Queen has unleashed legions of ravaging wolves onto the world. Only your investigation can save the Red Riding Hood Sisters and find a way to stop the Queen’s plans!

Download Dark Parables for iPhone

Download Dark Parables for iPad

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