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Try Waze right now to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger give you driving directions

Arnold Schwarzenegger Waze Driving Directions

If you use Waze to help you navigate through traffic during your commute, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear the voice of the Terminator greeting you today. Yes, Waze has recruited Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the voice of its mobile app in which he uses his Terminator persona to help you find the most efficient way to get to where you need to go.

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“I’m a Terminator Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, and you’re coming with me,” he says when you fire up the app. “I’m looking for Sarah Connor but we can go to your destination first.”

This little publicity stunt is, of course, also a promotion for the upcoming film Terminator Genisys that will release on July 1st in which Arnold will reprise his role as a cyborg from the future. In an interview with USA Today, Arnold notes that our reliance on machines today is something that was considered complete science fiction back when the Terminator franchise started.

“”In 1984, when we did (the first) Terminator, we talked about the world being run by machines. It was science fiction then,” Schwarzenegger said. “Now you have machines telling you where to drive.”

You can find a video or Arnold recording for Waze over at USA Today’s full piece.

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