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Here’s how you can see what it’s like to wear the new Apple Watch right now

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While a lucky few people in Paris enjoyed a surprising first look at Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch on Tuesday, most Apple fans won’t be able to check out the new smartwatch until sometime early next year when it finally hits store shelves. Apple showed off its upcoming new watch during the iPhone 6 press conference earlier this month, and the software looked fantastic. As for the hardware and design, it has drawn mixed responses thus far, with some Apple fans loving it while others were wishing for something round like the Moto 360.

Are you on the fence when it comes to Apple’s new watch design. Thanks to a well-known graphic designer, you won’t have to wait until 2015 to see how the Apple Watch looks on your wrist.

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Graphic designer Martin Hajek is widely known for his renders of unreleased Apple devices that often end up bearing a striking resemblance to the release versions. With the Apple Watch, however, we already know what the device will look like, so Hajek decided to try something new.

Using the many photos and videos of its new Apple Watch that the company has shown off over the past month, Hajek has created a 3D model of the device that is nearly identical to the actual Apple Watch. The dimensions of Hajek’s model are exactly to scale, so the world can see how the device will look on a wrist.

But Hajek took things one step further.

Rather than just looking at pictures of Hajek’s creation and trying to guess what it looks like in person, Hajek is making his 3D model available so that anyone can download it as a file compatible with most popular 3D printers. Do you have a Makerbot printer or access to a shop that has a 3D printer? If so, you can now print your own Apple Watch to see exactly how it will look and feel while you wear it.

A few images of a 3D printout follow below, and the file you’ll need to print your own can be downloaded from Hajek’s blog, which is linked down in the source section.

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