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Apple patent suggests real-time sharing of fitness workouts coming to iOS

Updated 4 years ago

Future versions of Apple’s iOS operating system may incorporate new fitness sharing technology, according to a patent uncovered by AppleInsider. The new technology will encourage users to be more competitive by allowing them to share and compare their performance in real-time with other users around the world. The patent, which was filed only three months ago, builds upon the functionality of the Nike+ iPod system, which allows a user to complete his or her workout and then upload and share the results with others. Apple’s solution, however, would allow users to share live data with other iOS users. Read on for more.

Apple described the technology with an example of two runners who are working out on treadmills that feed real-time stats to their iOS devices. The two runners are then able to view one another’s current pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate, blood pressure and even blood oxygen levels.

“These treadmills may be located in the same building, or they may be located in different buildings, in different cities, or even in different continents,” Apple said in the filing. “In this example, media on one media player can be shared between the two treadmills. Also, data from both treadmills can be displayed on each treadmill, thus showing the users their respective standings in the competition.”

Interestingly enough, the patent does not reference the existing Nike+ technology, which may suggest that the company is planning to distance itself from the Oregon-based sportswear giant.